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Instruction Room Best Practices: New instructor kits

You may have noticed that the tackle box Instructor Kits have been replaced with smaller, clear boxes that now fit in the podium. The exceptions are W140 Pattee (the tackle box still fits in the podium) and 403 Paterno (this room remains locked).

You may have also noticed there are some new items being supplied in the kits and podiums in general. The kits now have No. 2 pencils, instead of the golf pencils, as well as index cards. There’s also a box of Kleenex stored inside each podium.

Tthe typical supplies will continue to be stocked, such as:
AAA batteries
AA batteries
9V batteries
Dry erase markers
Dry erase board erasers
Paper clips
Rubber bands
Pencil sharpeners

The rooms and kits are checked on a weekly basis, but if you notice any problems or have supply requests for the kits, don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca Peterson at rmr28@psu.edu or at 865-9257.

– submitted by Rebecca Peterson, Library Learning Services

LLS: ‘Thanks for Attending Showcase!’

Library Learning Services would like to thank everyone who attended our showcase to learn about just what we do. We had more than one hundred people in attendance! Thank you so much for your interest! – Megan Gilpin (photos by Wilson Hutton)

presenter displaying research calculator webpage to interested group

The research project calculator presented by Amanda Clossen.

presenter explaining poster display to interested group

Megan Gilpin talking about LLS’s many outreach activities