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National Library Week recap, responses

We hope you enjoyed National Library Week! Do you have any stories to share? We invite you to share them in the comments below.

The University Libraries wrapped up its participation in National Library Week (April 9-15) via the rollout of 15 of our first “Libraries Transform” (a.k.a. “Because”) series of promotional statements. The Libraries’ @psulibs social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all saw high rates of engagement; as of 4 p.m. Friday, April 14, we counted week-over-week engagement increases of 21% on Facebook*, 363% on Instagram and 490% on Twitter. Of course, we posted more frequently than during the past week because of the campaign, but overall, it delivered high levels of visibility and positive sentiment for the Libraries.

Special thanks to the social media admins who shared the Libraries’ messages on their pages as well, especially the Commonwealth Campus Libraries, and to Hailley Fargo, who has offered to share her Box folder of photos from her trip to the Blissell Library at Penn State New Kensington that show how the library was decorated with several framed Libraries Transform signs. Kudos to the team of Jennifer Gilley, Amy Rustic and Yesenia Figueroa-Lifschitz, who coordinated the library’s displays, including Yesenia’s creative cupcake toppers!

Following are Twitter posts in response to the campaign, which we are sharing here because these messages of appreciation are meant for all of us in the Libraries community. In the interest of time and space, related images haven’t been uploaded, although hyperlinks are active. There also are a few posts of special note to point out. One is from Brazil — our campaign went international! — and another is from the “I Love Libraries” initiative, run by the American Library Association. It was nice to see our national organization taking note of the University Libraries. (ALA also acknowledged our campaign on Instagram.)

Cody Kondratenko (@codykon)
4/8/17, 7:13 PM
As always, ♥️ ya @psulibs pic.twitter.com/NswqDcqUzw

[This post was in response to our “Because the library is the heart of the university” post:]
Schlow Library (@schlowlibrary)
4/9/17, 11:07 AM
We wholeheartedly concur! #NationalLibraryWeek #LibrariesTransform #SeeWhatWeDidThere? ? twitter.com/psulibs/status…

4/9/17, 11:52 AM
We ? the @PSUBrandywine #VairoLibrary – a center of scholarship, collaboration, innovation, and a supportive community for the entire campus

Bethann Rea (@bazani330)
4/9/17, 12:35 PM
PSU Libraries will always be a safe space for research & social activities. Thank you for your dedication to learning! #nationallibraryweek

John Patishnock (@JohnPatishnock)
4/9/17, 9:42 PM
In recognition of National Library Week, here are a couple photos that showcase the heart of #PennState ?⚪️?⚪️??? pic.twitter.com/vNJFEuFFw9

Penn State (@penn_state)
4/10/17, 8:45 AM
Happy #NationalLibraryWeek!

Adriana ??‍? (@Adriana_Lacy)
4/10/17, 3:37 PM
Happy #NationalLibraryWeek to my favorite library, @psulibs! ? pic.twitter.com/rYiW5qBaIz

Schlow Library (@schlowlibrary)
4/11/17, 8:32 AM
We salute all our #LibraryColleagues, wherever they work! #NationalLibraryWorkersDay #NationalLibraryDay #LibrariesTransform

Raise Penn State (@RaisePennState)
4/11/17, 10:15 AM
Happy #NationalLibraryWorkersDay to the dedicated staff of @psulibs! TY for all you do for #PennState libraries serving 3.2 mil visitors/yr! pic.twitter.com/682p8E6ECB

[The following tweet is from the Federal Council of Education Librarianship, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil:]
biblioufsc (@BIBLIO_UFSC)
4/11/17, 11:44 AM
melhor mecanismo de busca na biblioteca 🙂
[Translation: “best search engine in the library” — which was what was displayed in our tweet.] 

Linda Struble (@lms27Linda)
4/11/17, 8:37 AM
Happy National Library Workers Day!! @EngineeringLib @psulibs #NationalLibraryWeek pic.twitter.com/JCen5G0tMe
[Linda, the cupcakes in your photo looked delicious!]

Penn State (@penn_state)
4/11/17, 1:33 PM
A big thank you to all of the library workers at all Penn State campuses. #LibraryWorkersDay @psulibs pic.twitter.com/lZODDiRPtB

Geospatial Ed @ PSU (@PennStateGIS)
4/11/17, 3:24 PM
We love our #geospatial, #geography, and #mapping specialists at the Penn State libraries. Thanks for all your hard work!

[The following website is an initiative of the American Library Association:]
Ilovelibraries.org (@ILoveLibraries) 
4/11/17, 3:26 PM
Indeed. #LibrariesTransform #NationalLibraryWeek

PSU Press (@PSUPress)
4/11/17, 3:49 PM
Wishing all our colleagues in the @psulibs system a happy #nationallibraryworkersday!

Penn State Online (@PSUWorldCampus)
4/11/17, 8:05 PM
We ? the librarians who help our students access #PennState resources no matter where they are! #NationalLibraryWeek

Donna Quadri-Felitti (@DrDonnaQuadri)
4/11/17, 9:26 PM
#LibraryWorkersDay thank you @psulibs

Schlow Library (@schlowlibrary)
4/12/17, 5:39 AM
Celebrate #NationalLibraryWeek at your favorite libraries! #AccessEqualsOpportunity #LibrariesTransform @ALALibrary @psulibs pic.twitter.com/V1FR4opuDh

Schlow Library (@schlowlibrary)
4/14/17, 8:33 AM
We wholeheartedly concur! ?? twitter.com/psulibs/status…

We would love to hear responses from you! Did any of our visitors wish you a happy Library Week or Library Workers Day? We invite you to post about your experiences in the comments below.

Finally, in response to employees’ requests, a PDF containing 17 print-friendly, letter-size versions of this first series of the promotional campaign’s signs is now available for download and individual printing by Libraries employees. The PDF is linked at the bottom of the Public Relations and Marketing (PRaM) department’s intranet page. (PRaM recommends the use of heavy-bond paper or card stock, especially for ink jet printers, as the design may cause ink to bleed through 20 lb. paper.)

*Considering that our first National Poetry Month video, courtesy of internationally renowned children’s poet/anthologist and Libraries donor Lee Bennett Hopkins, was posted April 3, Facebook engagement during National Library Week was nearly impossible to beat. As of Friday afternoon, April 14, his video has received a Libraries page record-high organic post reach of 3,854 with 1,711 views and 242 reactions — including 160 likes, 37 “loves” and 27 shares. (That’s a feat, especially because our page has 1,898 likes.) If you haven’t seen it yet, we encourage you to view Lee’s recitation of his well-loved poem “Good Books, Good Times” (closed-captioned, requires Facebook login) recorded in his home in Florida, courtesy of our Director of Development Nicki Hendrix. Thank you, Nicki! Lee’s second video, also in honor of National Poetry Month, will be shared on our Facebook page soon.