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Tech Tip: Minor SelectSurvey changes

By Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

Select Survey was updated last week. Below are the two minor changes you will see in the user interface:

1.) The Manage Surveys screen now has a column to show you how many completed and incomplete responses you have when analyzing your results. You will still need to delete the incomplete responses as usual but now you have the option to view quickly how many you may have. An incomplete response occurs when someone logs in but doesn’t complete the survey. SelectSurvey counts this as a response.
screnn grab of select survey



2.) On the Create Survey screen, if you choose the option Copy Existing, you can also now choose to copy the responses into the new survey as well.

create survey screen grab

Delete all incomplete SelectSurvey responses at once

Submitted by Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

Whenever you or a respondent clicks on link to a survey in SelectSurvey, a response is counted toward the overall responses, even if they decide not to take the survey.

You can delete each individual response when analyzing the data under the individual responses for the survey, or a quicker way is to delete them all at once. To do this follow the instructions below:

Go to the survey Options page for the survey and click the Validation tab.

delete survey responseYou will see a Validate survey database screen. Select Test 5: Empty Responses

select survey validate databaseThe test will bring back how many empty responses appear in your survey. Finally, select Delete Empty Responses. This will remove any empty responses recorded.

To learn more about SelectSurvey, register in Techsmart for a session on October 10 at 9:30am. You can also visit the SelectSurvey Training page for additional information.

Create a new survey from an existing survey in SelectSurvey

By Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

New Surveys can either be created from scratch or by copying an existing survey. When creating a survey by copying an existing survey, the existing survey is copied in its entirety. All survey options, questions, page conditions, etc. are copied to the new survey. If the survey being copied has responses, none of the responses are copied. After copying the survey, you can then change the name of the survey, and modify.

To use an existing survey, first choose Create Survey from the Manage Surveys screen. By default, From Scratch will be selected. Select the Copy Existing button instead and choose from the dropdown list of surveys you have access to. Then select Save and design your survey.

select survey instructions