Daily Archives: January 17, 2014

Dingo Lingo

While telling people that I was going to Australia to study abroad, many have said that I am lucky I do not have to learn another language. As I have been experiencing Australia, it is not always true. The accent is sometimes hard to understand, their lingo is different than ours, and their speech style is “rather odd” as well (they say rather odd a lot). To explain what is meant by their speech style being different I mean that their sentence structure when they ask questions or give humor is hard to understand sometimes. Often I will find myself sitting in lecture and asking myself “What the heck did he just ask us?”, or “Why did he just laugh, was that suppose to be a joke?”. I have not yet mastered their sentence structure and why the style is odd to me but once I do I will post it in here! 

In this post I will be creating a list of words or phrases that are used often and give the translation.

Lingo: (Blue is Australian, Red is American)

  • Chuck: Chicken
  • Skulling: Chug (chugging a drink)
  • Cheers: It is used in a lot of different context like Thanks, Cheers, You’re Welcome, pretty much anything
  • Rooted: Drunk, excited
  • Rooting: The appropiate way of saying “intercourse”
  • Wigged out: Passed out (it happened in the Australian Open this week)
  • Trotters: Pigs 
  • Sledging: Talking bad about another sports team
  • A bird with a dart: A girl smoking a cigarette
  • Ripper (rippa): Really awesome guy
  • Take away: Take out
  • Sauce pan: The Big Dipper (they have a different constellation system)
  • Bingle: Car accident
  • Pissed: Drunk
  • Brekkie: Breakfast
  • BYO: BYOB (they just leave out the B!)
  • Bush: “Living out in the bush”, middle of nowhere
  • Coldie: A Beer
  • Fair Go “Let’s have a fair go”: to try something, a chance 
  • Thongs: Flip Flops
  • Mate: Buddy, Friend
  • Mongrel: Despicable person
  • Recken: Absolutely 
  • Heaps: Really  “That is heaps awesome”
  • Gimpy: Lame