Daily Archives: January 20, 2014

Sunday, a day of rest or is it?

At school, Sunday is a day where I go to church, brunch and relax. At Penn State, Sunday is a day where I study. In Australia we all expected to make it a fun but relaxing day which ended up not working as planned.

Yesterday started out with promise but ultimately ended in a rather unfortunate way. At the beginning of the day, everyone had the plan of waking up, going to church, going to the aquarium, and studying for our upcoming exam on Thursday. I have to say I am probably one of the more worried ones about this exam; I just feel like there is so much material that we are responsible for and not enough time to study for it. I must admit though, the professors did warn us that the exam comes up quickly but I have had a hard time balancing blogging, sleep, studying, and experiencing Australia. At home I also have a hard time balancing things and I end up never having fun and just doing work which ends up in a huge anxiety attack.

Anyway, a bunch of the group went out to the courtyard to study, but it essentially turned out to be a big tanning session, only none of us were tanning, we were burning. We all definitely experienced the “hole in the ozone layer” that all the locals claim exists down here and I am actually starting to believe them. Waking up today was an awful experience. I barely could get out of my bed because the burns on my shoulders were so bad.

I think I have learned my lesson in Australia: always wear 100 spf sunscreen.