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So for anyone who has followed my journey I just want to say thank you! I really appreciate  it and loved to share my amazing experiences. Soon, I will be posting about my impressions and also one more post that I somehow missed putting up from my departure home.

I also wanted to advertise a bit on here. So I don’t have all of the details but I will be starting another blog revolving around animal welfare, pet care, training, etc. Since I went to Australia I had some kind of revelation of what I want to do with my future and here it is:

After learning a lot about animal welfare and getting the gist of it all, I became extremely interested in it. So, I wanted to apply this towards pet care.  I am going to write more about this in my other blog, but I just want to make a difference in animals lives. I know every vet and pre-vet says that, but I don’t just want to be a vet, a want to do more with that. I hope to open my own practice someday and raise awareness in my community about pet care. Even the simple things like food, walks, and petting mean so much to the health of a pet and people don’t realize that. Everyday petting can create a special bond between the pet and the owner, cope with stress with the pet and the owner, and help the owner see signs of any other problems such as depression, ticks/fleas, etc. I haven’t gotten it all figured out but I just think that not many people when they get a pet really research and know how much they need to take care of it. This is not all pet owners, but a lot of them. That is why there are so many animals in shelters! It is just a social norm in our society to get a pet! I hope to start some kind of society or even just as simple as handing out pamphlets at my practice (if i even become a vet!), giving first owners some pointers, and maybe even a beginners class on simple training, signs of a problem, and normal tasks. Some people don’t even know how much food to give their animals and tend to over feed!

I am unsure how Australia really fits into that other than taking some animal welfare classes, but here is how the trip ties in for me:

I don’t want to just be a small animal vet in my small town. I hope to own my practice with one other person and once a year ( or more if it is possible) to travel the world and help other animals as well. Maybe go down to a third world country and take care of some pets and farm animals for a few weeks. My mom went to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip and my brother went to Guatemala during his residency (as a doctor) and they both said how terrible the conditions are and that they noticed many people had farm animals to feed themselves and that if they became sick then they would have no food. My brother said that he was taking care of a patient and he told her that she needed to bring her kids into the office but she said she didn’t have enough money because she needed to feed her chickens or they would get sick and die. So I hope to help that lady someday and treat her chickens! Hopefully, I can come back to Australia and do some kind of fellowship or internship at a place like the Healesville Sanctuary where we visited…I got to see a bat surgery; it was so cool. I want to be on the other side of the window and do the surgery too!

So everything is a rough idea, and maybe I will change my mind but like I said I just had some kind of revelation. It seems that things like this keep happening to me and I get more of a drive to push through college and get to vet school. It seriously is my ultimate dream. Once I am there I will feel like I am on top of the world, especially because I have had a lot of people doubt me along the way. No matter what I won’t give up though!

2 thoughts on “New Blog Coming!

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  2. I can’t wait to see the new blog and learn of your studies in animal welfare; it sounds very interesting and you could be making an impact on the lives of animals all over the world!

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