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Welcome to the Lindner Laboratory at Penn State in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Simply stated: our work couples molecular parasitology and structural biology to understand the malaria parasite (Plasmodium spp.), so that we can identify and exploit weaknesses in the parasite’s development and transmission.

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Lindner Lab (April 2018)
Front Row (Left-to-Right): Kelly Rios, Trace Besemer, Liv Smith
Back Row (Left-to-Right): Logan Finger, Kevin Hart, Scott Lindner, Allen Minns, Steve Griffin, Mike Walker
Not Pictured: Tyler Earp (now an alumnus!)
New Additions Since April 2018: Joann Butkus, Lauren Sarko, Megan Gragg, Tanumoy Mondol, Mikaela Follmer, and Joanne Power (man, do we need to take a new photo…!)


Latest News for the Lindner Lab (Get the full version at the Lindner Lab News Page)

Joanne Power has joined us as a Post-Doctoral Scientist, having recently completed her Ph.D. with Andy Waters at the Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology at the University of Glasgow. Welcome, Joanne! (20190801)

Our review on CRISPR-based gene editing in Plasmodium is now out in Briefings in Functional Genomics. It was great writing this with Marcus Lee, JJ Lopez-Rubio, and Manuel Llinas. You can find it here. (20190731)

Joann Butkus has moved from the Lindner Lab to pursue an MD at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Congrats and good luck, Joann! (20190628)

Mikaela Follmer has joined us to manage our mosquito colony and contribute to other ongoing projects. Welcome, Mikaela! (20190624)

Lauren Sarko has started her summer position as a Erickson Discovery Grant recipient  working with Mike Walker. It’s great to have Lauren here to push her project this summer and dig deeper into the science. (20190614)

Logan Finger has graduated from Penn State! He’s moving on to pursue a MD at U. Pittsburgh this fall. Congrats, Logan! (20190504)

Mike Walker‘s paper on CRISPR-RGR is now published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC)! He found that using multiple sgRNAs pushes genome editing events to locus replacement (instead of also integrating the plasmid), that small HDR templates are used efficiently (as small at 100bp/side), and that CRISPRi is possible in P. yoelii. Read all about it here. Congrats, Mike! (20190501)
Update: Mike’s paper was honored as one of the top 50 most viewed papers of April/May 2019 in JBC! (20190617)

Logan Finger, Liv Smith, and Lauren Sarko all presented their work in the Penn State Undergraduate Research Exhibition. This is a great forum to present their findings to their peers and to network with other researchers at Penn State. See photos here! (20190417)

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The Lindner Laboratory is housed in the Millennium Science Complex, which brings together a variety of top-notch research groups to build an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.



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