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Upon reading Lynsey Addario’s It’s What I do, I came to realize the importance of pursuing goals in which one can find their very own version of happiness. Addario’s drive to become a prominent female photojournalist through capturing the essence of Middle Eastern countries during wartime effectively communicated her point that no matter how difficult your passion may be to follow, you should go for it if it makes you happy. Her book offers true insight and inspiration for any reader that is struggling with deciding whether to pursue something that could potentially make them happy.

Just as Addario used her passion to show off another part of the world, I intend to take a similar approach and construct a blog that displays and informs readers on many of the world’s most breathtaking and life-filled national parks. In light of our current federal government that does not believe in climate change, I feel that it is essential to our planet’s health that we become aware of the extreme amounts of biodiversity and beautiful natural landmarks found in national parks in order to provide a motivation to be more environmentally conscious.

From Olympic National Park in Washington to Acadia National Park in Maine, the sights in these expanses of land are endless. The natural elegance of these places offer people the opportunity to experience instances of what more there is to see outside of suburban neighborhoods or the concrete chaos of urban life. This blog, while enumerating the various lifeforms and striking natural landmarks that these areas are teeming with, will also touch base on any damage inflicted upon these locations by human actions. I find that it is of paramount importance that the world we live in be taken care of, and if we fail to do so the consequences of these actions could be incredibly detrimental to the future of our planet. Therefore, I hope that this blog gives readers a few reasons to be a little more environmentally conscious, effectively creating a brighter environmental future for our children.




One thought on “Passion Blog Ideas: National Parks”

  1. Hey Conner! Your idea sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to reading about all the different national parks you plan to talk about. Also, the background that you provided about why you chose this topic to write about was really interesting. I agree with you that in the situation we are in now with the climate the way it is, it is important for people to know more about our national parks and all the beauty that can be found in nature. One question I have though is how are you going to select which national parks you write about? I was just wondering if you were going to write about parks where you have been, major national parks everyone knows about, or use some other system to pick which parks to write about.

    -Kyle McKelvey

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