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Our Future

Sharing Knowledge

The Penn State Investment Association and Nittany Lion Fund have fostered two decades of successful, industrious Wall Street aspirants. Each generation has been dedicated to guiding and supporting the next – reinforced by the NLF’s mentorship program between graduating seniors and new associates.

Providing the platform necessary for a strong career has continued to be a core objective of the organizations. Innovation coupled with supplemental educations have further expanded the platform. Most recently, this was achieved through the development of the Economic Analysis Group in which senior NLF Managers discuss topical macroeconomic events and send analyses to the broader fund. The reports are then utilized by Leads to evaluate potential impacts on their Sector’s portfolio.

Providing Outreach

However, preparation for recruitment is much more than technical knowledge. NLF Managers work diligently to prepare PSIA students for the behavioral aspect, as well. Our outreach program is designed to aid anyone who shows passion and initiative while maintaining a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Each year the NLF hosts a Women on Wall Street event aimed at informing women about the career opportunities available as well as discussing panelists’ experiences in the work place. Each attendee is given the opportunity to ask questions ranging from bank culture to choosing a division to preparing for interviews. Through the event, Fund Managers, PSIA Analysts, and other business women are able to impart advice while expanding their networks.

Exposure to Wall Street

The Nittany Lion Fund also exceeds its efforts at Penn State by reaching out to bulge and boutique banks in New York and organizing a biannual Wall Street Trip. The Trip provides more than 40 PSIA and NLF students with direct exposure to executives on Wall Street, an opportunity that was inconceivable only a few years ago. Through our efforts on campus, we ensure students’ complete preparation, allowing them to establish career-long connections.