Semester Leadership Reflection

It’s easy for service leaders to lose their sense of self amidst a deluge of emails, meetings, and club concerns. Focusing all of one’s attention on reaching a club milestone or implementing a new club structure can create a type of leadership “tunnel vision” where self-assessment takes the backseat in favor of more tangible goals. However,… Read more Semester Leadership Reflection

Retreat Reflection: How will I improve my leadership this year?

As project co-chair of Circle K, I wanted to take a closer look at the club’s mission statement. It is: “Developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.” My favorite part of this statement is the idea that service is not temporary; it… Read more Retreat Reflection: How will I improve my leadership this year?

Mid-semester Reflection– Mary Beth

Last Spring, Penn State Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter made the decision to restructure our organization in order to accommodate our goal to improve membership retention throughout the year. As a result, we initiated the “House Leader” system this fall. We elected four general members to serve as House Leaders; They divided the organization into… Read more Mid-semester Reflection– Mary Beth