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Submitted by Penn State PRO Wellness

Penn State Schuylkill, in partnership with Penn State LionPulse, has made significant strides in improving health and wellness initiatives for students, staff and faculty. LionPulse is an initiative to enhance wellness within the Penn State community, courtesy of funding through a university seed grant that supports the Penn State University’s Strategic Plan. Since the fall of 2018, LionPulse has facilitated ongoing wellness efforts by working with a network of health champions and wellness committees across 11 Penn State campuses.

Cindy Ebling, a passionate campus nurse, is the Health Champion for Schuylkill campus. Last fall, the Schuylkill wellness committee reviewed their campus wellness scorecard and discovered that nutrition was lacking. After realizing students’ lack of knowledge regarding safe cooking temperatures, hands-on food safety education became a wellness committee priority. Chef Penny, the Schuylkill campus chef, hosted a healthy Valentine’s Day cooking demonstration for students and staff.

As a participating campus in the Penn State LionPulse initiative, Ebling, Chef Penny, and Assistant Director of Food Services, Linda Macduff, were able to borrow the new LionPulse mobile kitchen for the Valentine’s Day demonstration. Their presentation showcased proper cooking techniques to educate attendees about delicious and health healthy meals that can be easily recreated in a college apartment. The meal consisted of herbed chicken, roasted potatoes and a healthy dark chocolate dessert. In addition to enjoying delicious treats, attendees received a meat thermometer with instructions on how to properly calibrate and use it. The evening ended with prize drawings for gift cards to local grocery stores.

According to Ebling, the wellness committee thinks the Valentine’s Day cooking demonstration was the most rewarding event to date. She was very pleased to see how excited and engaged participants were during the presentation. Some of the positive compliments received included: “Great presentation!” and “Chef Penny was awesome, she is a great cook!”

Since receiving LionPulse funding in January 2019, Ebling and the Schuylkill campus wellness committee have also implemented monthly nutrition events. These events include distributing seasonal produce, sharing tips about buying local produce and teaching their campus about properly storing food. Additionally, the new series of nutrition education classes has also received an excellent response, with the latest class bringing together 35 student-athletes and teaching them of the importance of healthy nutritional habits and exercise. More than 100 students, faculty and staff have already participated in Penn State Schuylkill’s LionPulse events!

Interested in future LionPulse events at Penn State Schuylkill? Stayed tuned for upcoming nutrition seminars and healthy walks on the revamped campus trails. To stay on the pulse with wellness events and resources, visit!

Click here to learn more about borrowing the new LionPulse mobile kitchen.

PENN STATE MISSION: Penn State is a multicampus public research university that educates students from Pennsylvania, the nation and the world, and improves the well-being and health of individuals and communities through integrated programs of teaching, research, and service.