2014-2015 LFR Update

Wow, what a busy year it has been here at the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community! I’m sorry I have not been posting much on this site. Lions for Recovery decided to move our updates over to our Facebook page. You can find it here: Lions For Recovery.

Accomplishments from this past year: (just to name a few)

  • Went on Clean Break – sober spring break trip to Florida
  • Got UPAC funding and attended a conference hosted by the Harmony Foundation treatment centers in Breakenridge, CO
  • Had our first sober Football Tailgate
  • Went to “Rockovery” –  a 4-day outdoor event for young people in recovery in Georgia
  • Went on a retreat to Caron Treatment Center for a weekend in November
  • Completed service by speaking at Fraternities and the Youthful Offenders Program

Can’t wait to see what is next! Our meetings our every Friday at the CRC at 4:30 pm. (room 105 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center). Open to all students in recovery from addictions at Penn State.

Recap of LFR’s 1st Meeting This Semester

We had a great first meeting and discussed in depth what we want out of this year’s LFR.

Our Plans for this year:
  • Feeder program: reach out to places like hospitals, parole, rehabs, psychologists in the area and get word of LFR out there for students to join
  • 12 social events this year: we plan on having a bunch of social events and trips for us to all have some fun together and continue recovery
  • BIG TRIP: we are going to have an awesome spring break trip or a weekend trip (dates to be decided by LFR) to another university’s CRC. It’s up to the LFR where we would like to go, but some great options are California, Florida, and Colorado. This will give us a chance to visit another CRC, meet some other students in recovery, and go to an awesome place!
  • Step Study: discussion topics – “What do we do on weekends in sobriety?”
  • Elections: In order for LFR to be officially a group, we need people to take the following leadership positions: President, VP, Secretary(take notes at meetings), Treasurer(in charge of LFR finances/spending), Web Team Coorinatior. Please email Lionsforrecovery@gmail.com back with two sentences as to why you believe you should be elected for that position and we will make a voting poll.

First LFR meeting of the semester!

Today is our first Lions For Recovery meeting of the semester!! Meet us in room 105 Pasquerilla Center at 4pm. Lions For Recovery (LFR) is a great way for students to plan fun events to hangout and even trips to travel together as a group! Come to our first meeting today and we’ll start talking about plans for this year and what leadership positions are available. Feel free to bring a friend. Lions For Recovery is for students who are in recovery and/or students who support recovery.

For any questions or if you can’t make the meeting today, but still want to get involved contact : lionsforrecovery@gmail.com

Upcoming Events + Twitter!

Hi Everyone,

Quick reminder: LFR meets every Monday at 5PM in 106 Pasquerilla, and the BYO fellowship lunch is every Wednesday starting at 12:15 (same place)

Monday, February 11th will be the first FAMILY DINNER of the semester (5PM in 106 Pasq).  Kol, Ali, and Jared will be cooking and the menu will be spaghetti (with meat balls or vegetarian marinara), garlic bread, and super-healthy salad.

ALSO- follow us on Twitter (@Lionsforrecover) for tweets about events and goings-on, and awesome inspirational reflections and other recovery-related messages!

2011-2012 Event Roundup

Hi All! 

Please see below for a roundup of all the LFR/CRC events in our first year. 


Graduation Dinner: In honor of those graduating Penn State the Spring 2012 semester! The event will be on the patio of the Pasquerilla Center at 6pm and it will be a potluck. The CRC will provide baked ham, cake, and beverages.

Medallion Night: Fri. April 13th 2012 at 8pm at St. Andrew’s Church! All are welcome.

Penn State Celebration of Recovery: Sat. April 21st 2012 at 7pm in the Memorial Lounge of the CRC Pasquerilla Center. Sponsors, friends of your recovery, parents and alumni are welcome!

Community Information/Discussion Meeting: Wed. Feb. 22nd 2012, 7-8 pm in the CRC Center. Topic: Relapse Presevntion during times away from campus such as Spring Break. Addiction Specialist and Co-Director of CRC will be presenting. Pizza and beverages will be served!

Texas Tech Convention: Friday Feb. 17 – Sunday Feb. 19 2012 ( ASAS_Brochure_1_3_Final.pdf Click for details )

Family Dinner: Wed Feb 8th 2012! Breakfast for dinner (Pancakes, Eggs, BACON!) Room 105 of the Spiritual Center. All are welcome!

Game Night! Tues Jan 17th 2012 at 9pm in the Spiritual Center in Room 105, after Young Hope

Holiday Cards on December 6th 2011 @ 10:30am-1:00pm in Room 105 of the Spiritual Center. Come help make holiday cards for Military Service Members!

Pizza Dinner and Discussion on December 7th 2011 @ 7:30pm in Room 105 of the Spiritual Center. Discussion will be on returning home for the Holidays.

Tailgate on November 12th 2011 before the PSU vs Nebraska Football Game. Pot luck style- Burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda! Meet at 9:30am

Chicken Dinner on November 2nd 2011 @ 7:00pm in Room 105 of the Spiritual Center

Harry Potter Movie 7 Part 2 – October 27, 2011 @10pm in the Hub Auditorium

Medallion Night – October 28, 2011 @8pm at St. Andrew’s Church (come celebrate days/years of sobriety!)

Ice Skating – October 28, 2011 after Medallion Night @ the PSU Ice Rink (bring money to enter)

CentrePiece Service Work – October 22, 2011 @9am-1pm in Bellefont

– Big Pasta Dinner – October 19, 2011 @ 7pm-10pm in room 105 in the Spiritual Center

February LFR


February LFR!!


Welcome to all our new members that met us at the Involvement Fair. For those of you who don’t know our Next Membership meeting is March 2nd at 4pm in 105 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center.


Be sure to check out the events page! For February we have a family dinner and a convention trip coming up.


Hope to see you all at the meetings!

November Events


Hey LFR,

On Wed, Nov 2nd we are having another Big Family Chicken Dinner in Room 105 in the Spiritual Center




-Chicken Alfredo

-Vegie Option


Bring Friends!!


 – On Saturday Morning, November, 12th we are having a Tailgate before the PSU vs. Nebraska Game. Meeting place and time will be updated asap

Future Events

*     Hey LFR –


We have a couple events that will be here soon!


  • Medallion Night is a really big event at 8pm in St. Andrew’s Church- if you have recently celebrated an anniversary come join to reviece a medallion. The time of sobriety is added up and there are some incredible years throughout the entire group!


  • Some people were talking about going Ice Skating after the meeting of Medallion Night. The PSU Ice Rink is open until 12am on Friday, so anyone that wants to join is welcome. Enterance fee should be no more than $10.


  • Harry Potter movie 7, part 2 is playing in the HUB auditorium at 10pm on Thursday 10/27!