About Lionside Chats

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What are the LionSide Chats?

LionSide Chats are an opportunity to develop a sense of connection and community for our local Berks County community at large.  The faculty, staff and students of Penn State Berks provide presentations ranging from sessions on current events to presentations addressing the social and emotional aspects of becoming a college student.  LionSide Chats will allow Penn State Berks to continue serving our land-grant mission of making life better for Pennsylvania citizens.

These one-hour long sessions (30 minutes of content, 30 minutes discussion/question and answer), allow our campus to showcase our integrated programs of teaching, research, and service.

Why now?

In order to continue with our cutting edge and visionary leadership in the community, Penn State Berks presents “LionSide Chats @ Berks”, a modernized interpretation of President Roosevelt’s Depression-era “Fireside chats”. These faculty-, staff- and student-led sessions will be an opportunity to continue to build and strengthen our educationally based relationships within various communities. LionSide Chats will enable us to reach beyond the boundaries of our campus and invite ourselves into the homes of our neighbors as we provide enrichment, engagement and dialog facilitated by LionSide Chat Moderators.

Who can attend?  How can I join a LionSide Chat?

Anyone can attend, as long as you have an internet connection.  You can attend as many chats as often as you like. Each session will be monitored by the assistance of a LionSide Chat Moderator, who will facilitate a question and answer session following the presentation by the faculty, staff or student.

What are the topics that will be addressed?  

Some of our inaugural LionSide Chat Session topics and presenters are listed below:

  • Chemistry: “The Material Science of Masks” Faculty: Lorena Tribe
  • Micro-Biology: “It’s a Small World After All: The Life of a Virus”   Faculty: Tami Mysliwiec
  • Mathematics: “What is a Curve and How is it Flattened?” Faculty: Cesar Martinez-Garza
  • Criminal Justice: “Justice on Lockdown: Criminal Justice in America in the Shadow of COVID-19″ Faculty: Ebonie Cunningham-Stringer
  • Culture: “How does a Pandemic Affect Cultures?”  Staff: Sharon Peterson-Ogaldez
  • Business: “Pizza, Policy & Economic Recovery” Faculty: Lolita Paff
  • Supply Chain Management “Where is my Toilet Paper?  How Supply Chain Management Works” Faculty: James Shankweiler
  • Statistics: “Efficacy of Treatments & Vaccines” Faculty: Ryan Hassler

Transition to College Topics

  • Joe Webb : “S.I.R. Leadership”: Scholarships, Internships, Relationships, and Leadership
  • Alexa Hodge: “Am I Fake: Understanding Imposter Syndrome in College”
  • Cesar Martinez-Garza: “A Faculty Perspective on College Transitions”
  • Sonia Delaquito: “Time Management in College: How the 80/20 Can Make the Difference”
  • Dawn Pfeifer Reitz: “Please Wear a Shirt While on Zoom” and other Distance Learning Tips