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Last weekend was our first official game of the year. Unlike in high school when you would play a team twice within a two week period, in college you play a team twice in one weekend. This past weekend we played Vermont, at their home rink.

Away games are a lot of fun for the team. We leave either on Thursday or Friday, which means we get to miss class those days. The bus rides there are a lot of fun too, we watch movies, listen to music, and play charades. This bus ride was brutal though, ten hours one way and when we got back to Penn State at was 2am. Another fun thing about away games is the hotel! Its two players to a room which means we get ours own beds, and not the little twin ones that we have in our dorms, they are king size beds! Although we don’t spend much time at the hotels, except when we are sleeping, we love the amenities that come with staying over at a hotel, like your own bathroom and shower. We also get spoiled with food the entire weekend. A lot of energy and food is required to keep up with our bodies demands while playing two games in two days. Its nice to have a change in food options besides eating at the Commons.

There are many perks of away games but also some sacrifices we have to make. Like I mentioned before we miss classes, which is nice, but also a lot of work to make up and try to get notes for the lectures you miss. We get really good at communicating with our teachers because of all our absences. Also the bud rides, although a lot of fun can get really long at times. (We usually try to sleep off our boredom). Other than making up work and long rides, there really isn’t any down side to away games.

Once we arrive at their rink we unpack and have a pre-game skate, either the day before or the day of the first game. This weekend we had a pre-game skate both day because the ride was so long and they wanted to make sure our legs were ready to go. Our pre-game skate are pretty short and they don’t skate us too hard, because they want us well rested for the games.

Our first game was last Friday night a 7pm. It was a pretty intense battle back and forth. Kelly Seward, a fellow freshman, was the first to score in the game. Which put us up 1-0. Vermont then replied with 2 goals to put them up 2-1. After a little play there was a scramble in front of Vermont’s net, bodies all over the ice, then somehow we managed to put the puck in again! Were were tied 2-2. Then mid-third period Shannon, number 40 on our team, snips one past the goalie to tie it up again. We ended up going into a 5 min overtime where no one scored, resulting in a tie for our first game of the season.

The next day we had our second game against them. We ended up beating them 4-2. Hannah Hoenshell with one goal and two assists, Kelly Seward with a goal (her second of the season in just two games!), and I ended up scoring the other two goals, thanks to two amazing passes from Hannah.

Overall our team was satisfied with our weekend. We are now the only team undefeated in the CHA which is pretty awesome! This weekend we take on Quinnipiac at their home rink.

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  1. Boyoung Kim

    What a satisfying win after a tough first game that ended in a tie! Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear the women’s hockey team is doing so well in their first varsity season. It is always fun to show up a team during their home game.
    I’m jealous of all the team perks. Although, I do hate long car rides and missing class more than many many things.

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