RCL #7- Paradigm Shift

Recruiting at a younger age

– teams that aren’t very good have a chance to get better
– players have a chance to choose to be on a good team
– maybe the players transfer to a better school
– gives them relief knowing where they are going
– makes players feel special getting the attention
– becomes more like college
– gives players more options

– more stress on players
– parents tend to interfere more, Helicopter parents
– team may not be what they think once they get there
– too soon to tell player’s true talent
– against the rules
– Private Schools have an advantage
– becomes more like college
– adds another aspect of high school hockey (most likely not in a good way)
– takes focus form developing players
– lack of school/town pride
– lack of history/chemistry
– focus more on individual than team (even though team sport)
– money becomes involved (with Private Schools)
– pressures younger kids into only picking one sport, doesn’t allow them to explore other options

3 thoughts on “RCL #7- Paradigm Shift

  1. Ky McCool

    I actually have a personal experience with this, more or less. My friend, who is in her sophomore year this year, has always wanted to be on the division 1 gymnastics team for Penn State, both her parents are alumni at Penn State and now her brother goes here. But she might not even consider coming here anymore because apparently the line-up for the gymnastics team is full until 2016. I thought this was ridiculous, especially with such a turbulent sport as gymnastics, where girls can get hurt at any time or may decide to quit at any time before they even hit the 2016 season.

    Now, of course, the only reason I see this as a bad thing is because my friend got the short end of the stick, but on the other hand, I also think it was a rash decision because there is a potential for career-ending injury before they even get here and then they only have two of their three walk-ons. However, they might be really good and hard-working and will do really well for this team. I just don’t know if we should run that risk and miss out on some amazing gymnasts who didn’t get that opportunity.

  2. rwp150

    When looking at your visual map, are you planning on writing your paper on the pros and cons of recruiting earlier? I think that makes a lot of sense when talking about a divisive and increasingly controversial issue, and will help you to explain the paradigm shift that is occurring/has occurred. You include a lot of details…which is good and I think you’ll do well with this project. I’m especially intrigued by the money aspect in all of this, which I think is probably the main motivator for recruiting earlier.

  3. Jack Delaney

    I think this is a good topic that you definitely have a unique perspective on. I think it would be interesting to look at the use of internet to scout players. I don’t know about hockey, but in basketball and football, players have scouting profiles online that anyone can look at. Recruiters from California can look at the stats of a freshman in high school in Florida. This is crazy to me, and both good and bad.

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