RCL- This I believe

I was thinking about doing something about believing in the importance of attitude ¬†when you want to achieve something in life. I think that people who are more positive about their situation and think that what ever they set their mind to is possible will be more successful. Also that people who honestly have emotions towards their work or goal and more likely to achieve them, even if they aren’t as skilled as say someone who doesn’t have as much motivation. I think it would be cool to contrast how attitude can be more important even than skill. I would use the quote “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” to emphasize my point.

Another idea that I had was making a point about the influence of parents on their kids while they are growing up. I think that kids are mostly an image of their parents. One example I could use in my talk is that I think kids are the images of their parents like images that people see in those warped mirrors at amusement parks. You can see the major parts of your original image but there are some things that have changes because of the mirror.

The last idea I had was maybe to point out how friends start looking alike once they hang out for a certain amount of time and the reasoning behind it. I realized this when I was walking out of my dorm building and saw a group of girls all wearing the same thing , I was about to make a comment but then I realized that I was wearing the same thing as my friends. It would be interesting to show that friendships can change your looks more than social media.

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  1. nap5217

    Your first idea is so applicable to so many different things. The second one was especially true in my life, however I might be careful as to making sure that it doesn’t turn negative. The last thought is funny – it reminds me of people look like their dogs (or dogs look like their owners?) after living together for so many years.

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