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My civic issue blog posts will focus on environmental issues. This will be a place where environmental issues around the world will be discussed. My first topic will focus on river pollution throughout the world. What is considered the most polluted river in the world? Why is the river so polluted? How can we help make these rivers less polluted.

According to Ganga River in India is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. They people that live near this river use it as a waste dump, bathing water, baptism, burial ceremonies, fishing, laundry water, the children use it as a swimming area and the people sometimes even use it as drinking water. Drinking the river’s polluted water usually causes severe illness, which sometimes leads to death. Even using the river as a bathing spot causes rashes and sores on the skin. This water is obviously extremely toxic, so why do some many people gather around it?

In history people congregated around the river because it was a source of fresh water, before it became pollutes. Towns were built near it so as to have easy access to the water. This is why in the present so many people have houses and companies near the river. But why do the people stay in present day when the water is no longer helpful to their society. One main reason that I found is that they don’t really have a choice. The Ganga River is the only big body of water near them, even if it is polluted, it is better than having no water at all. Another reason I can think of is that most people living in the towns near the river don’t have enough money or the resources to uproot their family and relocate. A lot of the towns near the river are struggling because of the lack of water quality, their fishing income has gone down, because fish are dying of diseases causes by the pollution, like I mentioned before people are dying because of diseases causes by the water, and the crops that they try to grow near the river don’t grow because of lack of nutrients in the soil.

Even with all the negative effects of the polluted water the people living in the areas don’t seem to be doing anything about it. The problem actually seems to be getting worse. It is believed that the river will cease to exist in 10 years because all of the sediment and other waste in it will cause the water to evaporate. If something isn’t done soon the citizens near the river will have no choice but to try to find a new home. It obvious that something needs to change, but how will that change happen when the towns around the river are too poor to pay for the resources to help clean the river up?

I think one place to start would be trying to stop the problem from getting worse. The people need to put in an effort to be consciously aware of what they are putting into the river and how that will effect their future. If the people stop using the river as a dump site, for trash and dead bodies, hopefully the conditions will stop getting worse, maybe even improve.

People that do have money and resources to help clean up the river should try to lend a helping hand, maybe donate money to the cause. Even volunteers could donate some of their time to teach the citizens of the towns healthier ways of living and how to improve their life style. Although the towns are the main reason that the river is so polluted, people who are aware of this problem and know of a way to help should do so.

Our environment’s condition should be everyone’s concern even if it doesn’t effect you specifically. There are many things we can do to help improve environmental conditions. Even if these things are just little, like recycling when you can or using environmentally safer products/chemicals. Take a look at whats around you and appreciate it, make sure our conditions don’t become like the people’s in India whose water causes them diseases and death.

3 thoughts on “Civic Issue – Environment

  1. rwp150

    I think the point that civilization started as gatherings along bodies of water is very true. Even today, the biggest cities in the world are port towns on lakes, rivers, or oceans. And those big cities are often the ones that produce most of the trash that pollutes the environment. For instance, the Asian carp in the Chicago River that are threatening the Great Lakes. It is a question of what we can do though. I believe that if everyone believes that they can make a difference that things will change. But how do we get everyone to buy in? How do we get people to see that things will change for the worse if they don’t act with urgency? I think it’s the question the environmental movement is still trying to answer.

  2. Mikaela Hermstedt

    I whole-heartedly agree that our environment is very important. I push hard for recycling and composting everything possible. My roommate probably gets irritated with me because next to the trash can we have a recycling can and a compost can and I am always reminding her that that piece of plastic is recyclable or that tissue is compostable. But we hardly ever have any trash and we are helping the environment at the same time. I have never really understood why people don’t think that what they are doing is causing issues. As you said, the people in India do not have much money and are not able to clean up the river, but why not change their current ways? If they realize that the water is making people sick and is even killing some, wouldn’t you want to try and solve the problem? Even a simple thing like burying waste and dead bodies underground or creating a “compost” pile a distance away from the river. This wouldn’t fix the problem, but it would help prevent it from getting worse than it already is.

  3. Ky McCool

    I’ve seen a lot of things online about filters that work extremely well for taking toxins and pollutants out of water from rivers and they cost only cents on the dollar. It’s a little scary knowing that it is so easy for some people to pay for these filters and have them sent over, however so many people are still suffering from the contaminated water. It’s even more upsetting when you realize that they have no other choice than to use this water, but we as people have a choice whether or not to send help over to them. It’s definitely got me thinking about doing more to help people with these same circumstances.

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