The next pilot episode I decided to watch is from the series Revenge. This was recommended to me by some of my teammates who watch it together in their free time. Revenge is currently in its third season, but its first two seasons are on Netflix. This series choice is good for someone who doesn’t want to make a commitment to a T.V. series with 9 seasons already.

The actors seem to be genuinely good and have plenty of talent. From the first episode I feel like as you watch the series there will be a lot of unanswered questions and confusion. If you don’t like suspense or mystery this is not the series for you. It also seems more like a drama again like Friday Night Lights, but with a lot more at stake.

This women is out to get revenge, hence the title, on the people that destroyed her father’s life and reputation. She doesn’t go into it blindly though she has planned to destroy these peoples’ lives for almost her entire adult life. She believed that her father was the one behind this unspeakable act for most of her childhood and teen years until a geeky, tech millionaire gives her a box full of her father’s belongings and stories to set things straight. From that moment on she made it her life mission to destroy the lives of the people who made her world crumble around her.

Again I think this is more for girls than guys in the dramatic aspect, but there does seem to be a little fighting in this series to mix things up. Netflix gives this series a 4.5/5 stars which I would have to agree on. The acting seems to be good and the plot will be interesting to follow. Although I don’t know how the producers will stretch out the plot to last many more seasons when there is only so much you can put into someone’s revenge agenda. I am interested to see how they carry out the plot and where the need to find revenge will lead this woman.

I am also curious to see what the main ideas they intend to have their audience take away from the series. Does revenge pay off if it is against bad people? Do you turn into a bad person when your only meaning in life is revenge? Will good overcome evil? Are people always as evil as they seem? There are so many messages that these producers can send to their audience, it will be interesting to see what they end up being.

I’m curious if anyone else has watched Revenge on Netflix? If so what did you think of it? Also if anyone has any ideas for my next T.V. series on Netflix to review please comment! I’m always looking for new shows to watch! I also want some variety, if anyone has any series geared more towards males, more action in them let me know!

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