Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is also a quick addiction like Revenge. There are only three seasons so far on Netflix which won’t take long to go through. Even from the trailers of this series I get an erie feeling. I am not one for horror or scary movies, so I was never really interested in watching Pretty Little Liars. But this blog is about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone right? So I stressed through the pilot episode just for all of my loyal followers, I hope you truly appreciate my efforts for you.

This series is about the death of a young girl who seems to be haunting her friends and going under the alias “A”. They introduce the characters in the first episode by having them all come back from their summer adventures. You get a little detail about their past and how even though they seem pretty and perfect on the outside there is a lot more going on in their lives than they let people know. Once they all get back to their little town for school, you immediately get the feeling that something is up.

I think this series would fall under the category for a horror series. But then again I was scared out of my mind while watching Disturbia. My horror range is very mild and meek so although I tried to branch out and look for new categories of television I still don’t think this series is the one for me. If you are looking for a horror film that will keep you on your toes though, this is probably a good place for you to start. There are multiple deaths throughout the series, and people trying to deceive and kill others. Many scenes include creepy and life threatening situations. It seems that this huge mystery as to who “A” really is seems to be the main focus of the series. It would be interesting to find out how they keep this secret and scandal going for such a long time. I feel that through the series you have to be prepared to be confused and always second guessing your instincts and what will happen next. It doesn’t seem like the producers will give any important information to the audience without the characters knowing too. So basically once they know, you will know, but it will probably be too late at that point anyways.

Netflix gives Pretty Little Liars a 4.5/5 stars. I think that the acting will be good in this series and they managed to put so many characters in the show that there will always be a new story and new secrets to be exposed. This show will probably have major cliff hangers at the end of each episode so be prepared when you sit down to watch one episode you might end up watching multiple. Overall this series is definitely not for me just because of the creepy factor but if someone is looking for a thrill and mystery I think this show would be a pretty solid choice.

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