Bones is a drama filled with forensic science. I decided that after two weeks of going out of my comfort zone I would get back to the shows I’m use to. As a scientist this series is interesting and thrilling for me to watch.

In the pilot episode Temperance Brennan, one of the main characters, is coming back from a foreign country on a research expedition, unburying bones from ancient tribes. You quickly come to understand that she is a force to be reckoned with after taking one of the airport security guards down. Almost immediately you are introduced to two other main character. Seeley Booth and Angela Montenegro. Booth, as they call him, is an FBI agent and former soldier. He has a charm that is alluring to girls and almost impossible to resist. Angela is an artist, she is the free spirit on the show. They show this side of her when she flashes her boobs at an airport employee to get their attention. Another character you are introduced to is Temperance’s graduate assistant Zack Addy. Both Temperance and Zack’s intelligence is off the chart, which make them important assets to the shows scientific side.

Bones is very science based with a lot of drama intertwined. They main setting it the Jeffersonian where Temperance works in research. Her place of research quickly becomes an investigation lab when the FBI needs Temperance’s amazing ability of identifying bones to help them solve a crime. Every episode has a new crime while there are personal conflicts and problems going on throughout the seasons.

You do not have to watch the episodes in sequence to understand what is going on, although it does give you a little more insight to the characters’ personal lives outside of their professional careers. This is definitely not a show that you can get through quickly with eight seasons already made this will keep any Netflix viewer busy for awhile.

This show get a 4/5 on Netflix, in my opinion it should get a 5/5 but that is just my biased view. This show is definitely for people who love science and/or drama. Given that I like both in a T.V show this show is a great choice for me. I think the actors to a phenomenal job at playing their characters and creating a realistic atmosphere. This also may not be a good show for weak stomaches because there are a lot of gruesome scenes and views that they show.

Overall I think any would be entertained but this show, if you are more interested in the science aspect of a show I would not worry too much about watching the shows in order, even though Netflix makes that pretty easy. If you want to understand and focus more on the drama of the show I would recommend watching the episodes in sequence so you understand the continuous story going on in each character’s personal life.

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