How I Met Your Mother

Everyone has probably seen at least one episode of how I Met Your Mother. It is a well-known television show but I’m guessing most people don’t know what the overall story is, unless they have seen the first episode. The show is called How I Met Your Mother because it is about a guy, Ted Mosby, telling his kids a long story about the events that led up to how he met their mother. ¬†Creative I know. The first episode really sets the plot up well.

It starts off with Ted wanting to tell his kids the story of how him and their mom met. There is a flashback to 25 years earlier. Ted describes how he met this girl after his two best friends got engaged. His two best friends are Marshall and Lily, who have been dating since the beginning of college. He goes into detail about how he saw her for the first time, and how he messed it up when he saw her again. In the end though the entire episode was not how he met their mother but how he met Aunt Robin. Robin ends up being another one of Ted’s best friend, who he loves for many years but then never ends up marrying her. Too much drama. It is safe to say that his kids were not pleased when they realized the girl their dad was talking about was Robin, and that the story wasn’t over yet.

This entire series takes place in a flashback of Ted’s life and everything leading up to how he met his sole mate. I think it is an interesting way to have an entire television show to take place, even though you sort of forget that it is in past tense when you are watching the show.

This show is definitely a comedy and has some sexual connotations but nothing too inappropriate. I think this is a good show for anyone who is looking for a good laugh or just needs some entertainment for a few minutes.

Every episode it between 20 and 30 minutes, so you don’t have to set aside a lot of time to watch one, but I have heard they are addicting to watch out. Although the episodes themselves are short there are 8 seasons, so if you get hooked this could be a long addiction for you.

I definitely agree with the rating of a 4/5 stars on Netflix. I think the show can give you a good laugh but it doesn’t really give much more than that. It seems like there are a few romantic moments, which are always immediately followed but a joke. There are no other aspects to the show besides the comedy, which isn’t a bad thing!

So if you are looking for a laugh or just something to do for about 30 min How I Met Your Mother is the perfect show for you!

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