Voting Rights Reflection

This paper was set up in a very clear format, with bold titles telling someone the main point of the next paragraph. It went from describing what the legislation was that he wants to talk about to its importance to Alabama then onto say why it was important to all of the US. To conclude the paper he describes a solution, which is how he calls his audience to action it seems. I personally like bold headings, I know we talked about how people usually read over them and they aren’t effective but I think in this paper they really help readers see where he is going with his ideas. The paper probably could have done fine without them, but I don’t think the titles hurt anything.

I think the first demographic was helpful, a little difficult for me to understand at first but overall it seemed relevant. The Texas map though seemed extremely unnecessary and not helpful in persuading his readers at all. It just didn’t give his argument any support really, he needed to add more to the demographic for it to be effective.

The paper did have some pretty good points and facts in it but it did not do a good job at persuading me. There seemed to be little emotion or passion in his paper. It seemed kind of flat which made it a little boring to read and less effective.

I want to make sure that everything I put in my paper helps my cause and isn’t just there to fill up space. I want my paper to be easy to follow but not so boring that people loose interest. I think one way I can do that is by putting in some personal experiences, and also adding in headlines.

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