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For my last passion blog of the year I want to rate in order of my favorite to least favorite T.V shows that I have watched over the semester for this blog. I hope this will be a helpful tool for you to come back to if you are even in need of some new entertainment on Netflix!

1. Bones- The best show I watched this semester for my blog was definitely Bones. It combines my two favorite things, science and drama. I like that there is a lot of science and investigation that goes on throughout the show, but I also like that you can follow the personal lives of each character.

2. Revenge- Revenge is a close second to Bones for me. I love the drive that the main character, Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark has. The show brings you into the life of the wealthy and shows the corruption and conflict that can happen in their lives. It is a darker show, with a lot of heavy emotions but definitely something worth watching, I can’t wait for the third season to come to Netflix!

3. How I Met Your Mother- I liked this show because the episodes are shorter and full of comedy. There are so many dramatic and intense shows these days I like that How I Met Your Mother is a change of pace from all of that. Sometimes you just need a good laugh!

4. Friday Night Lights- This is definitely a show people can get tied up in. You really see into the characters’ lives and emotions. I do not like how the camera is set up to look like someone is taking a home video though, I tend to get a little woozy when I watch shows like that.

5. Once Upon A Time- This was the show recommended by my trainer. I liked that idea of a classic fairytale with a twist to it. I do not like how cheesy they make the fairytale part of the show though. I think they could have done a better job at interpreting the fairytale into the show.

6. Gossip Girl- This show is a classic girl drama show. I’m guessing very few boys watch it. Although it is an extremely popular show, and all my friends reference it, I don’t really understand the hype about it. It seems like the classic drama filled lives, possibly over dramatized lives, of any teenager/pre-adult.

7. Pretty Little Liars- Although Pretty Little Liars’ popularity set of a chain reaction of shows with similar plots, like The Lying Games, I was not fond of the show. I also do not like scary shows or movies, and this is definitely a thriller with a lot of creepy scenes. If you are looking for a little scare and drama this is your show.

8. Orange is the New Black- This was definitely my least favorite show from this semester. The scenes are just too uncomfortable for me to handle, I would not want my parents catching me watching this type of show.

Overall I loved this assignment throughout the semester I got to explore my new Netflix account and now I have multiple new shows lined up to watch over the summer. I hope my blog helped you find a new show to enjoy too!

Civic Issues- San Joaquin River

I am going to talk about a problem with rivers that hits closer to home. A river in California called the San Joaquin River was recently named the most endangered river in America. It runs from Sierra Nevada across the Central Valley toward the San Francisco Bay. This river is one of the main water supplies for farming in California. This makes it very vulnerable to overuse.

The river has been rapidly drying up in the last few years. This year with the drought that California has had, really puts the San Joaquin River at risk. The main reason the river has been drying up so quickly is due to excessive diversions. The river’s water is so crucial to everyday life and farming in California that everyone wants piece of it. Wanting the water to be closer to them, companies have tried to expand how far the river spread, by increasing the paths it takes. This seem like a good idea, but in reality it just causes the river to dry up faster because it becomes so much more shallow, when people try to spread it out.

Another reason the river has been drying up is due to all the dams and levees that have been installed in the river. While some companies have been trying to get water to come to them, others down stream have been slowly watching the river dry up, because it can no longer reach to their area. More than 100 miles of the river have dried up because of selfish companies and wasteful people taking more than they should.

Everyone wants the water for different reasons, irrigation, fishing, and drinking. Due to the lack of water as late the hot debate of where the water should go has increased. There have been pushes in legislation that want to try to improve the river and hopefully get it back to how it once was. One main idea that was passed around was to change the crops that the farmers plant. If they change to lettuce, which can survive better in wet and dry climate, than the currently grown trees that constantly need water no matter what the climate is, then the farmers do not need to use as much water. This will increase the amount of water that can be distributed to other needs.

A big concern with the water in the San Joaquin River, is not only the amount of water but also the quality of the water. Many people use this water to bathe in, drink, and wash their food with. Although the do not do it directly in the river, like in most cases I have talked about so far with river damage, there is still a major concern with health issues. As the water amount has been decreasing the quality and filtration has decreased as well. Without proper movement through the river the water become still allowing for bacteria and other infections to grow in it without much attack against them. If the amount of water in the river does not increase I guess is that the quality of the water will get even worse, probably to the point where it is unsafe to drink or wash your clothes with.

The problem with the San Joaquin River is a primary example of supply and demand. As the supply diminishes that demand for it increase because it is a necessity of life. I think it is important though that the citizens that use the water realize how their actions can effect future generations drastically. Without freshwater, economies will crash, people will be forced to move, and the area around the river will become a desolate place.

Although there are pushes in the government to help this river out it seems like time is running low, just like the river, ironic I know. If there is any chance for this river to be saved action needs to be taken and quickly.

I also think it is important for the United States to realize, that even though our situations with water are not as bad as some countries we still have problems that we need to focus on. If we don’t we may end up like those other countries.

Gossip Girl

Now I know most girls have watched and indulged themselves with the television series of Gossip Girl. I unfortunately am not one of those girls. My friends constantly reference this well known T.V. series, and I am always hopelessly lost when they do. I was one of the few girls until about 40 minutes that had never seen an episode of Gossip Girls.

This series takes place at a boarding school. From the pilot episode it seems that the story follows multiple students’ lives, and the secrets they hold. I feel like this is a show that you definitely get attached to the characters and completely divulge into their lives and stories.

Here are just some of the comments seen on Netflix about Gossip Girl:


“Best TV series I’ve ever watched! I finished the whole series months ago but I can’t stop watching it! I keep watching old episodes because it’s so addicting!! Got my family into it as well!! Recommend it for anybody!! Love the drama, scandals, secrets and romances!! It’s so great!!!”

“Where is Season 6?!?! Please bring us Season 6! I’ve watched the Season, but I started to watch them all over again (because they are a bit addicting). Now I need to finish it off with Season 6 :)”

Thankfully for these viewers the final season of Gossip Girl, season 6, has been added to Netflix.  If you do decide to watch this you will definitely be putting yourself into a longer commitment, one that may not end even after finishing all the seasons, because you will be tempted to go back a re-watch the episodes! You will not be left hanging though, now that all the seasons are up on Netflix.

Now I have not heard of many guys enjoying or even attempting to watch Gossip Girl and from what I have watched so far this seems more of a television series geared toward women. Sorry boys, I will try my best to watch a pilot episode of a show for guys next week.

I agree with the 4/5 stars that Netflix has given Gossip Girl. It does seem like an interesting show, but I also feel like the common idea of it has been overused, and there are a lot of other shows, even on Netflix alone, that you can watch with a similar set up. I am going to reserve judgement though because I have only watched one episode and I know it take more than that to really appreciate and enjoy a television show.

If the show does not seem interesting to you, and you experience the same out of loop feeling that I do when my friends talk about it. I would give it a try, if not for entertainment, then to understand what all the references your friends make mean. 🙂

Once Upon a Time

The pilot episode starts in a dramatic scene with the prince riding a horse to Snow White trying to save her. It is the classic, prince kisses princess and is awakened, they live happily ever after. It seems like the normal cheesy fairy tale television shows. Then the show is brought to present day with a little boy riding the bus, reading the fairy tales. During the episode there is a constant transition from the fairy tale that introduces the series to present day. We learn that the boy riding the bus is Henry. We are also introduced to a women named Emma. She appears to be on a date with a man she met on the internet, but in reality she is just there to bust him for money he owes her.

Then Henry and Emma meet, Henry declaring that he is Emma’s son that she gave up for adoption years earlier. He wants her to come back to his house with him, and she eventually agrees just to get him off her hands. There are a lot of mysteries to be solved, especially this book that Henry keeps reading and swears that Emma is in.

This series only has two seasons on Netflix as of now so this series will not take too much time to burn through. It can be a short obsession 🙂 This seems kinda cheesy, but my trainer recommended this and swears it gets better! This show is a combination of multiple fairy tales, for example, Snow White, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Rumplestilskin, Beauty and the Beast, Pinnochio, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Ariel (from the little mermaid), Jimminicricket, Little Red Riding Hood and Rupunzel. All these fairy tales are included but with a twist in them, and a mix of modern day trends.

I am not sure about the 4.5/5 stars that Netflix give this show, I do not see it becoming that great of a show, but like my trainer said it gets better. I do not think that this will be a show an immediate hook for someone.

The actors that take part in the fairy tale scenes seem to be overdramatic and have weird facial expressions, but I am not sure if that is what the producers want but it seems to make it hard to really get into the show. The actors that are in the modern day scenes seem to be more realistic but they still do not play the roles well in my opinion, they seem to have a hard time expressing the emotions that the characters are suppose to have.

I personally do not think this would be a very interesting show for me, but there are some people, like my trainer, who love the show so its worth a try if you like fairy tales. If you are looking for something to base your opinion off of the show reminds me of the movie Enchanted.