Once Upon a Time

The pilot episode starts in a dramatic scene with the prince riding a horse to Snow White trying to save her. It is the classic, prince kisses princess and is awakened, they live happily ever after. It seems like the normal cheesy fairy tale television shows. Then the show is brought to present day with a little boy riding the bus, reading the fairy tales. During the episode there is a constant transition from the fairy tale that introduces the series to present day. We learn that the boy riding the bus is Henry. We are also introduced to a women named Emma. She appears to be on a date with a man she met on the internet, but in reality she is just there to bust him for money he owes her.

Then Henry and Emma meet, Henry declaring that he is Emma’s son that she gave up for adoption years earlier. He wants her to come back to his house with him, and she eventually agrees just to get him off her hands. There are a lot of mysteries to be solved, especially this book that Henry keeps reading and swears that Emma is in.

This series only has two seasons on Netflix as of now so this series will not take too much time to burn through. It can be a short obsession 🙂 This seems kinda cheesy, but my trainer recommended this and swears it gets better! This show is a combination of multiple fairy tales, for example, Snow White, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Rumplestilskin, Beauty and the Beast, Pinnochio, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Ariel (from the little mermaid), Jimminicricket, Little Red Riding Hood and Rupunzel. All these fairy tales are included but with a twist in them, and a mix of modern day trends.

I am not sure about the 4.5/5 stars that Netflix give this show, I do not see it becoming that great of a show, but like my trainer said it gets better. I do not think that this will be a show an immediate hook for someone.

The actors that take part in the fairy tale scenes seem to be overdramatic and have weird facial expressions, but I am not sure if that is what the producers want but it seems to make it hard to really get into the show. The actors that are in the modern day scenes seem to be more realistic but they still do not play the roles well in my opinion, they seem to have a hard time expressing the emotions that the characters are suppose to have.

I personally do not think this would be a very interesting show for me, but there are some people, like my trainer, who love the show so its worth a try if you like fairy tales. If you are looking for something to base your opinion off of the show reminds me of the movie Enchanted.

3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Emma Shellhamer

    I used to watch this every week!! I LOVED it at the beginning, but then realized that it was quite cheesy and then stopped. Wike I may pick it back up in the future, if I have some free time with absolutely nothing to so, I usually don’t watch much TV anyways. The only show I consistently watch is Sherlock, but Once Upon A Time almost had me hooked… Still, after the end of the first season, I couldn’t justify the hours of my life I would spend watching the rest of the series.

  2. Lauren Harrington

    I don’t have Netflix, so I don’t know how I could watch this, but it seems like my type of show. People watch The Walking Dead and ….I don’t even know other shows. My point being, people watch good TV shows. I watch absolute crap. I CRIED during the last two episodes in the latest Teen Wolf season. I’m pathetic. If this show is crap, most likely I will eat it up. I’m such a sucker for that sort of stuff.

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