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Movie Time- Footloose

Ok so this week I kinda changed my topic of choice. I am going to focus on the movie Footloose on Netflix. Now I know most people use Netflix to watch television shows, but there are also a lot of good movie on Netflix. One that I recently found being Footloose. When I was looking through Netflix I was looking for the older version of Footloose, one of my favorite movies of all time! I ended up coming across the new version that was released in 2011. The older version which was released in 1984 is also on Netflix, so I ended up doing a little Footloose Marathon!

I have recently decided that both versions are in my top ten of all time favorite movies. I think they both have really good stories and meanings behind them. The thing I like most about the movies is that they make me want to get up and dance! (this might be dangerous to people around me because my dancing skills are a little rough)

These movies are both chic flicks, but I think they are both definitely a good choice when you wanna cuddle up one night and enjoy a nice movie. There are definitely some thrilling parts in the movies, with fights and tractor/bus competitions (depending on which version you watch).

Both movies have great acting in my opinion, and even better great dancing! I think one of the best things a movie can do for someone is making them wanna get up and express themselves, in this case people are motivated to express themselves through dance. Now I was obviously bias towards the first version of Footloose, but this new one brought back my excitement for these movies! I think creating new versions of classic movies is a risky business, why change something that isn’t broken right? That’s exactly how I feel about new versions, I usually don’t like them because they don’t do a good job at creating their own story and new actors for the same movies is just not ok with me for the most part. Like when they had to replace Dumbledore in Harry Potter I was outraged! I couldn’t get passed the fact that they weren’t the same person.

I think that this new version of Footloose, does a great job at recreating the story but also having enough personality of its own to be a great movie, not just a copy-cat. The fact that both versions of the movie have the same ratings, 4/5 stars, really says something about the new version. The new version is a story in of its own, it just happens to have the same story behind it and the same title as the old version. The producers did a great job a recreating this movie, I would highly recommend watching it, both versions!