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RCL #5- Kairos

There are many definitions of Kairos in rhetoric, but mine in this instance is the opportunity someone has to make their statement or get their message across. Miley Cyrus was beginning to fade into the background of other up and coming stars younger than her. Her main audience was teenage girls, but now that her audience, and her, were growing up changes needed to be made. Miley’s reputation as an innocent, but talented teenage girl was not making the cut with her older audience anymore. Her fading audience is the exigence that caused her change in appearance. She knew with her growing age that her reputation had to change and her last two songs combined (including their music videos) got her message across. I can’t even begin to analyze her “We can’t stop” music video so I’m analyzing her somewhat less extreme “Wrecking Ball” music video. Even after Miley’s hair cut, change in apparel, and “We can’t stop” music video, people were skeptical as to what she was trying to achieve. Many people thought this was just a quick phase that would be old news. In response to the lack of response to her changes Miley needed another chance to get her message across, that she had changed. I believe that her “Wrecking Ball” music video put the nail in the coffin to her old, innocent reputation. After riding on a wrecking ball nude, there is no going back to innocence. Her entire performance in the video separated her farther and farther away from an innocent image. She knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to become a sexual, outrageous pop star. I don’t believe her goal was to cause problems, only to get back on top and noticed again. She saw her opportunity to get back on the radar and took it.