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Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is one of the more edgy T.V. series that Netflix offers. There is sex, drugs, ┬ádeals, and drama. My teammates were watching it and really enjoyed it at first but then they had to stop because it was getting too weird for them. I saw a few scenes just from walking into their room while they were watching it. From what I observed it was definitely edgy and I had no interest in watching the show. My teammates told me that I should do my blog on the pilot episode. I was a little tentative because the little scenes I had experienced before were not too pleasant for me. They told me that the series starts off decently normal, or as normal as you get when a women is going to jail for transporting drugs for her former girlfriend. So again I am going out of my comfort zone and watching a T.V. series that isn’t my normal taste.

My teammates were wrong, I’m sorry to all of the Orange is the New Black fanatics but I couldn’t even finish the first episode, it was just too weird for me. This show is for people who like things raw, they don’t mind the gross, and sometimes perverted details. I think that a lot of people are attracted to this show because of how abnormal it is to our everyday lives. My teammates even admit wanting to turn it off because of how messed up some things got but couldn’t!

Although the plot was a little too weird for me, I actually did enjoy the characters, I think the actors do I good job at really portraying their roles well. There are some many different types of people that are introduced, I’m sure the show will turn into quite the entertaining story. You can always count one twists and turns to be put into a plot, but with the setting being in a jail and the characters being so far out there, I think the unexpected will blow audiences away.

There is only one season so far on Netflix, so you could cruise through the show pretty quickly. Netflix gives Orange is the New Black a 4.5/5 stars. Although this is not my type of show I do think that people can get addicted to the plot and characters. Both are so unique that its kind of hard not to watch. Its like when you see a couple kissing and you feel awkward watching but you just can’t stop. While I was watching I felt interested, but also pure embarrassment sometimes. This show can push you to your imagination’s limits. I couldn’t finish the first episode, but maybe I will take another crack at it later this semester and report back on how it goes. Who knows maybe I will get addicted, like millions already have!