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RCL #10- Ted Talk Presentation

Overall I was pleased with my Ted Talk presentation after watching it. I think my point came across very clear and a lot of people could take advice from it.

In my delivery I was a lot more fluid than I usually am in presentations which was a huge accomplishment for me. One thing I would like to improve on is my mumbling. Sometimes when I would get lost I would mumble which made it hard for me to be heard and made it look ┬áless professional. Another main thing I would change in my presentation is my conclusion. I got so excited that I had finally gotten through my ten tips with little error that I forgot to say my conclusion. This created a big pause in my presentation that bothers me every time I watch it. I think my visuals worked very well and that I don’t use too many hand gestures throughout the presentation. I felt like my tone of voice sounded a little too concerned than it needed to be for the topic I was presenting but it worked overall when it came to getting my point across.

I am most proud of my lack of stumbling over my words and gestures. I think that the recording turned out very well in general and could be used as a Ted Talk online. One thing I really want to change about my presentation is my conclusion, more specifically the long pause before it, like I mentioned before. I was so happy with my presentation up until that moment. For next time I need to keep in mind that my presentation isn’t truly over until I have said my conclusion.