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For my last passion blog of the year I want to rate in order of my favorite to least favorite T.V shows that I have watched over the semester for this blog. I hope this will be a helpful tool for you to come back to if you are even in need of some new entertainment on Netflix!

1. Bones- The best show I watched this semester for my blog was definitely Bones. It combines my two favorite things, science and drama. I like that there is a lot of science and investigation that goes on throughout the show, but I also like that you can follow the personal lives of each character.

2. Revenge- Revenge is a close second to Bones for me. I love the drive that the main character, Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark has. The show brings you into the life of the wealthy and shows the corruption and conflict that can happen in their lives. It is a darker show, with a lot of heavy emotions but definitely something worth watching, I can’t wait for the third season to come to Netflix!

3. How I Met Your Mother- I liked this show because the episodes are shorter and full of comedy. There are so many dramatic and intense shows these days I like that How I Met Your Mother is a change of pace from all of that. Sometimes you just need a good laugh!

4. Friday Night Lights- This is definitely a show people can get tied up in. You really see into the characters’ lives and emotions. I do not like how the camera is set up to look like someone is taking a home video though, I tend to get a little woozy when I watch shows like that.

5. Once Upon A Time- This was the show recommended by my trainer. I liked that idea of a classic fairytale with a twist to it. I do not like how cheesy they make the fairytale part of the show though. I think they could have done a better job at interpreting the fairytale into the show.

6. Gossip Girl- This show is a classic girl drama show. I’m guessing very few boys watch it. Although it is an extremely popular show, and all my friends reference it, I don’t really understand the hype about it. It seems like the classic drama filled lives, possibly over dramatized lives, of any teenager/pre-adult.

7. Pretty Little Liars- Although Pretty Little Liars’ popularity set of a chain reaction of shows with similar plots, like The Lying Games, I was not fond of the show. I also do not like scary shows or movies, and this is definitely a thriller with a lot of creepy scenes. If you are looking for a little scare and drama this is your show.

8. Orange is the New Black- This was definitely my least favorite show from this semester. The scenes are just too uncomfortable for me to handle, I would not want my parents catching me watching this type of show.

Overall I loved this assignment throughout the semester I got to explore my new Netflix account and now I have multiple new shows lined up to watch over the summer. I hope my blog helped you find a new show to enjoy too!