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RCL #4- Rhetorical Analysis Speech Ideas

I have one main idea that I’m pretty set on to use in my rhetorical analysis essay and would really like feedback on the idea. I was thinking of analyzing Miley Cryus’s Wrecking Ball music video.

I think this would be a good topic because she is trying to send such a dramatic message and change the way you think of her. There is also a lot of things I could talk about within her audience change and factors that changed her target audience.

She use to be known as a girl that just wanted a regular life and someone a teenage girl could look up to. Now that she has grown up her target audience must change in order to stay on the top and not fade into the past. Celebrities make extreme changes in order to get back on top. I think celebrities are good examples of using rhetoric and arguments to get what they want. I also believe that there is a lot to talk about when it comes to their looks and identities. Some older examples I think of when I think of celebrities that had to change their looks are Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga.

It is so interesting to see what extent people will go to stay on top and keep their audience large, whether it changes or not. Celebrities aren’t too concerned with who their audience is as long as the audience numbers stay the same.

Also most artists use their work to communicate messages. In my paper I plan on analyzing Miley’s lyrics and compare them to her older lyrics to understand what message she is sending her audience.

Overall I hope to analyze the change in Miley Cyrus in all aspects of rhetoric; from her audience to the message she is sending her listeners.