I enjoy equations and one of my own is also a life motto; TxW=L/2.

In other words wasted time equals living only half way. Ultimately I can best be described as a husband, father, and then everything else. I try my best to invest in truth and wisdom and have enjoyed greatly the second blooming. The discovery of suddenly finding at the age of say 30ish, a whole new life has opened before you.

I am the epitome of a non-traditional student currently at the LV campus in the Corporate Communication program. I currently live in the Lehigh Valley, located to here after growing up in Lower Bucks County and then spending a decade working and moving around the country before planting roots.

What clubs, organizations, or community projects are you involved in? Quite simply that would be Matilda, age 5, and Mac, age 2. On top of a full time job as a corporate professionally, there is not much room beyond that. I do enjoy sports, football and mixed martial arts at the top of the list. Additionally a good round of competitive banter is always fun, which is a large part for the theme of this blog. Topics that interest me usually will create a lively discussion.

Currently I am a Performance Improvement Coordinator for one of the leaders in the health services field in the state of Pennsylvania. Up to this point in my career my biggest weakness has been my educational status. I was internally motivated to make a change to this fact in 2009. What interests me as a professional aside from flourishing in the ever learning and improvement, is to move into a larger role within the corporate structure which will allow me to effect change in the company. I am looking for the area where I can have the most impact, which would incorporate all of the skills of my current role while allowing me to take on the responsibility to implement changes to benefit our company as a whole.

Mac Matilda

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