The Fate of the Free World

Prepare yourselves everyone, it is that time again where the media will be over blown with propaganda of who should be the next leader of the free world.

It's all smoke and mirrors, but what does it even matter.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, but what does it even matter.

And with this came the wild announcement that everyone has been waiting for, that Hillary Clinton will be running for president or at least the democratic nomination for president.

This is going to be a feat for Team Hillary! How to get her into the White House is a “Mission Impossible,” but they are going to try! All the gaffe’s, lies, screw-ups to overcome, her spin doctors are aiming for the “clueless middle class” members who will “go for her.” The women vote (many don’t like her) and the college students “vote for grandma!”

After eight years of Obama, the lame stream media are going to have to “buck-up” for the NEXT forced march. No wonder journalists are quitting. The Powers That Be are straining at the hilt to get her in D.C. African-Americans and Latinos are not going to be in her camp, so it is the above mentioned classes of people she is appealing to.

I find it laughable with that there is a website that lists Hillary Clinton’s nine most memorable moments of Secretary of State. Number 9 on the list is becoming a pop icon. Number eight they bring in fighting for women’s rights and I will come back to that one shortly. Number seven was isolating Syria’s President Assad. Number six ironically is tightening sanctions on Iran.



Number five killing Osama bin Laden. Number four was freeing a Chinese dissident while number three was play peacemaker in the Middle East. Number two was the opening up of Myanmar and finally number one is the liberation of Libya. Wikipedia goes as far as to list some of her achievements as being the First Lady of Arkansas and the United States. The Middle East is still a mess, Seal Team 6 killed bin Laden (or Obama actual already took credit for that). We just made a deal with Iran and the sanctions don’t seem so tight.

So much for her Top 9. What is truly ironic about all of this is the state of our current foreign affairs epidemic is the results of what she did to Secretary of State.

Let’s not forget though that her lies and deceit started long before Benghazi and the email account. In a recent broadcast, Judge Jeanine Pirro went on a verbal tirade prior to Clinton’s announcing her candidacy. In this she arguing that Clinton doesn’t have the needs of Americans at heart and is solely focused on herself.

She brought to light a case a rape from 1975 where Clinton defended a 41-year-old pedophile accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. There was a tape, and in this tape Clinton gloated about how her client passed a lie detector test and laughed about it. She than make libel accusations against the 12 year girl. Clinton blamed the victim and this is what we want as a guided light for equality and the continued advancement of women?

Sadly, the people who need to hear and see this won’t watch it. The few that do won’t believe it. Ask a young person of voting age who was Thomas Jefferson and they won’t know. Ask them who Karl Marx was and again they won’t know. They don’t read the newspapers. They don’t listen to the news or compare what they read with what they hear. They recognize the name Obama and Clinton. They believe the lies Harry Reid has now admitted were lies about Romney.

There are people who will vote for Hillary simply because (and perhaps only because) she is a woman. And the big deal for many is a woman as President. Just like it was a black for President. It doesn’t matter if they are qualified as a leader. Just that they fit the color or gender for the liberal playbook in our culture today.

The argument is that the definition of being a liberal which is supposedly the platform of the Democratic Party, is to have an open mind. Hillary simply displays the typical neo-liberal ideology that do as I say not as I do mentality. The rules of the liberal apply only to those who disagree with them.

hillary 2016

A slight play on the notorious campaign poster from Obama.

She is running on the same thing Obama did about helping the middle class which he has not done nor will she do it. She is only out for herself and that’s all she does. She didn’t do her job as Secretary of State and helped murder 4 proud Americans.

If she does run and wins. Stick a fork in the U.S., we’re done. I really don’t care what your ideology is, this woman is dishonest and dirty, and if you were to simply brushoff all of this but it’s absolutely ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a woman being president of the other states, just not this one.

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