Wrap Up

Ours is an individualistic society. It is really difficult to go anywhere in our culture and not see something which reflects this ideal. We also believe that the world around us should cater to our needs. This, unfortunately, is not necessarily how it works. The more we begin to understand this, the better we can understand cultures outside of our own. No longer are we “world dominant”. Our economy has been downgraded, we have an outlandish amount of people on welfare and unemployment benefits, college grads can’t find a job adequate of supporting themselves or putting their degrees to use.

It seems as if everything is about status today. Just take a look around the communities and society as a whole, this is a self-evident fact. One would think that with the vastness of vertical movement in regards to the athletes, actors and media celebrities that a redistribution of wealth in our country would happen. Many of these famous people began most of their lives in the middle class or lower. Yet they don’t help much to build up the communities that they came from. Many of which still struggle, especially in today’s economy.

We are in a state of turmoil in our society and culture. Our communities have been marred by tragic events which has created lines of division among people.

Baltimore is just the latest boiling point of racial tension in America.

Baltimore is just the latest boiling point of racial tension in America.

From Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown from Freddie Gray we have seen an uprising of urban communities based on the media propaganda of racial connotations.

Attacks on the police erupt on the streets of Ferguson

Attacks on the police erupt on the streets of Ferguson

The police are not trusted and are looked at as an extension to the arm of “big brother”. Everything that we have discussed in this blog throughout the semester has been personified to continue this trend of racial division. Whether it be through cyber-bullying or not using the Internet to its full ability, we have reached a point where it is necessary to promote change.

This knowledge should translate into an improved communication skill with other cultures. Take for instance my cousins and other relatives. They live in Germany which for all intent and purpose, is a democracy. Our first thought is to think that they understand how our culture functions. And although there is a language barrier, it is apparent that they sometimes shake their heads at the gratuitous gluttony which consumes America.

This attitude has shifted the USA onto a slippery slope. America has become a ME society and culture (thinking that we are entitled to ALL of the benefits that our nation has built to accept as normal), we still think that we are the super power of the world, although outside of defense budget we rank poorly among other top countries. The divide in our nation today is sickening. There is a tremendous amount of hate among co-cultures. The only saving grace is that we know that we are better than this and have history to show us a national resiliency that can overcome almost anything.

People need to come together

People need to come together

Unfortunately we don’t see much of a change at all. It is as if the new found wealth has created a vortex of faux affluence. An estimated 2.7 million people control 90% of the wealth in our country, a number that the “rich and famous” are now part of yet refuse to help where it really matters. It seems like the Third World nations are more worthy of the benefit from others than our own back yard.

Throughout history we have seen in a social structure the complete lack of responsibility toward the middle and lower classes. Each instance brought about some sort of change and in most cases that change came in the form of a revolution (not the election of a minority president).

It appears as if the bourgeoisie does little to change the inevitable response from the proletariat. This is simply a classic example of how history repeats itself. Marx and Weber, two fathers of sociology, had different interpretations of this idea. They both did attempt to dissect their perceptions to better help us understand the system. All of their efforts were and continue to be to no avail.

Without heeding the warning signs so clearly laid out by Marx and Weber among others, there seems to be a Manifest Destiny

toward the inevitable for today’s society, a revolution. There are some scholars that even suggest that it is long overdue.

Here in the United States, there tends to be overlooked point of reference however. This great nation was built out of the rubble of a revolution. The founding fathers, architects of the Constitution, signers of the Declaration of Independence had one thing in common. They were all part of the elite class. They were a bunch of rich aristocrats who didn’t want to pay taxes (oddly enough we have taxes for just about everything imaginable today). They were the land owners, business owners and eventually the members of congress, the Senate and even the Presidency.

Money was and continues to be the driving force behind our democracy. Therefore the laws in this nation subsequently will always benefit the elite. The truest form of government which is for the people would be polity. The only way to get to what the elitists unknowingly set out to do for ALL of the people is most inevitably a revolution.

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