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Such a bummer I wasn’t able to find out any information on these 2 portraits, other than a few words about a blog post. I though they were good pieces to show

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Interesting Piece

Art by Zhan Ni Li

I found this piece on a websit/ blog about one’s person life experience being trans. It was used specifically in part with a story that was told about being asked what gender they were. If you are interested like I was feel free to look over some of their stories.

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Transgender Art

Artist: Pham Tuan Tu 2010

This was a submission painting in a talent contest. There were roughly 700 participants, 4 of the painting featured a transgender theme. Needless to say, this piece of art was voted the best and won the competition. It is a beautiful depiction into the mind and life of a transgender. It is amazing!

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Blog Post 5

Though I was born in 1984, the aids epidemic was very much a big issue. Though it seemed to take way to long for it to get proper medical attention. However, in the 90’s, there were even movies made about some of the struggles one might have faced when they were though to have the virus.

The movie (Philidelphia) featuring Tom hanks. A gay lawyer who is basically fired for being gay/having aids. Was one of the earlier movies about Aids and aid awareness.

Another strong impact and a first openly gay man in the media was MTV’s “Real World” Pedro Zamora. Who was given credit for personalizing and humanizing those living with HIV.

Also the very famous girl group TLC, had a hit song in 1994 called “Waterfalls”. Waterfalls featured a very famous verse singing “his health is fading and he doesn’t know why. 3 letters took him to his final rest place”. (Unprotected sex-lead to aids) This song brought great awareness to the Aids epidemic.

I feel personally, at the time that Aids was a big thing but it wasn’t reacted upon at the time like it really was a fatal virus. Like in Cindy Patton’s Sex and Germs, The politics of aids,” people with aids cannot fully recover because treatments are predicated on immune system functions which no longer exist in those patients”. Also in that same segment, Aids was originally named GRID- Gay related immune deficiency… Even worse, I still feel that this is a highly under cared for disease/virus. I feel that it was big for a few years, then it just seemed to be put out of sight. I understand that medical advances have come a long way but there are still thousands upon thousands of people (of all sexuality) that suffer with this on a daily basis…

Why would a serious epidemic in America not have a call to action in helping with the cure? It really makes me think of what would it be like now if the aids epidemic was happening now, verse 20 years ago? How would it be taken differently? Or would it still be the same?

Perhaps its association with “gay”? Another

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women on a sailboat

a 1902 photo of 2 women on a sailboat. Assuming they are lovers because they are about to share a kiss. Would this pic still be considered art if it featured a man instead of 2 women? What makes this art?

Please share any ideas or thoughts!

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Butch women of San Fran

"It is a celebration of those who choose to exist and identify outside of the binary; who still get he'd and she'd differently throughout the day."

This is one of the photos in the series “Butch Women of San Francisco” all the women re photographed in there personal surroundings. Many of the photos have quotes about or below stating some of the comments the women have heard about their identity.

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Blog 4

Particular question are asked of me when I explain any kind of Homosexuality in art. For example, What kind of pieces can and do you consider art? What makes an image, structure or photograph an “art” piece? Do the piece all have to be vulgar? Does it have to be blatantly obvious that the image is of two male or female lovers? Does it have to feature the lovers in a moment of passion? Or can it simply be a portrait of one object or subject?

In art, Any of these questions I would answer NO!!! Art can be what you make it. When something thinks of art they generally think of a painting on canvas. On a random mission to find something a little out of the “typical art” I came across a small, photography exhibit called Photographing (The Butch Women Of San Francisco) by Meg Allen “those who choose to exist and identify outside the gender binary” In this intriguing series, it showcases women of all ages and backgrounds. Megan is trying to capture the butch identity that she saw in her and some of her close friends.

Is this true art? Obviously I feel it is? I guess the more in-depth question is, is it homosexual art? It feature nothing revealing. No women in a erotic poses after making love… Can the image of a “butch” women qualify as art?

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Blog 3

In my searching I was extremely surprised to find out about Naomi and Ruth. The Book of Ruth is a Hebrew/old testament book. It is considered to be a religious or biblical book. The story about the two women is beautiful. Totally unaware to most, words that were exchanged from Ruth to Naomi are some of which are read in wedding ceremonies.

“Do not press me to leave you or turn back from following you! Where you go, I will go; where you lodge I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, I will die- there will I be buried. May the Lord do thus and so to me, and more as well, if even death parts me from you!’’ (Ruth1:16-17)

People in that time also recognized the women’s relationship. The people understood that above all the Naomi and Ruth loved each other.

This passage reminds me of Walt Whitman’s “we two boys together clinging”. To me it feels like it has the very same feeling and meaning behind the Naomi and Ruth from the book of Ruth. (Whitmanarchive)

I posted 2 photos of Ruth and Naomi because I found it so fascinating. I fell that when it comes to the issue that same-sex couples have a lot of time people who are religious are the ones ruffling the feathers. People only see it being condemned. This particular biblical reference is the total opposite. It provides positive support.

My question is, why are these passages not known about or shared among people who attend church? Why does it seem that there is more hate for same-sex relationships then love? The paintings of Naomi and Ruth are very gentle to the eye. They are not offensive and have a calming and loving feel to them.

Is there a way we can use this art to help encourage same-sex relationships in the religious communities? I know the actuality of this happening is slim to none but it would be worth the shot. If even it would be possible to change one person’s mind about same-sex relationships it would be worth it. How could we use this art to its best benefit?


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Ruth and Naomi (2) painting

Another depiction of Naomi and Ruth. Ruth is talking to Naomi, speaking the famous vow from the Book of Ruth. In this biblical book, it tells the story of the two women, sharing a same-sex relationship. This image shows how loving devoted the two women were, especially to each other.
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Ruth and Naomi’s

In reference to the Bible, Ruth and Naomi were viewed as a same sex-sex partnership. The book of  Ruth tells the story of how the two women and really talks about equality in their relationship. Although Ruth ends up marrying a much older man, we discover that it is only so that her and Naomi can survive. At the time, without a man, a women was seen as nothing and served no value.
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