Second Idea for Passion Blog

Another idea for my Passion Blog for English 15 is a travel blog.  Though I have not been to many countries, I hope to one day travel the world seeing all of the wonderful sites and cultures.  Though this Passion Blog is clearly less personal than the Maroon 5 idea, I feel that it could be an excellent learning experience.  I could discuss various sites around the world from the ancient pyramids of Egypt to the volcanoes of Hawaii.  I could talk about the individual traditions and heritage of the indigenous people of the regions.  I could even discuss local cuisine, music, dancing, and legends to complete the learning experience and make readers feel like they themselves went on a journey to another world.  The blog could be quite interactive, for I could post pictures and videos to give readers a true feel for the world’s diverse ecosystems and people.  The travel blog could become my itinerary for the future.  I could make the site a type of virtual map discussing the places I have been to, such as Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France, as well as the places I dream of seeing.  I would never run out of material to discuss, for the world is a wonderful place full of amazing places just waiting to be discovered.  Although this blog would require a great deal of research, I feel that it could be something which I would still use in later years even after I have graduated from Penn State.

First Idea for Passion Blog

One idea for my Passion Blog for English 15 is to create a blog dedicated to the band Maroon 5.  This is by far my favorite band, and I feel that the possibilities for entries are endless.  For example, I could talk about the band’s origins and how it is that they got their start.  I could spend individual weeks on the band’s five members.  This could include several articles on Adam Levine, who has seen quite recent leaps in stardom with his appearance on The Voice, his new clothing line, and, of course, his election as 2013’s “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine.  I could write entries about individual songs, discussing underlying meanings and stories behind lyrics and making recommendations for listeners of my personal favorites.  I could even discuss the benefits of seeing Maroon 5 live as compared to listening to recordings, for I have attended two of the band’s concerts.  These last two ideas would allow me to make the blog very interactive, for I could post Maroon 5 songs on the blog as well as live videos taken from the concerts to give readers a true understanding of the band’s genre and of the concert experience.  I feel like this would be an excellent blogging opportunity for me because I am so personally connected to the subject matter.  Writing about something that you love takes the “work” out of homework and even makes the experience enjoyable.  This is, after all, a “Passion” Blog, and I want to make sure that I can write about something unique that makes me happy while writing and keeps me alert and attentive to details.