Ideas for Paper 1: Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement

One idea for “Paper 1: Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement” would be to discuss the U.S. Army Reserve Commercial “Where Can…”  This commercial depicts everyday men and women leaving their careers to serve in similar positions in the U.S. Army Reserve.  This commercial uses ethos by showing people of stature in the community (a businesswoman and a doctor) taking the transformation into soldiers in uniform.  The characters go from being people you relate to and admire to people you respect.  It uses pathos by appealing to the American commonplace of patriotism.  Logos is also displayed, for the commercial implies that citizens, even students, do not have to put their lives on hold to serve their country.  You can still do what you love while making a difference at the same time.  The commercial also uses the rhetorical devices of posing questions to the audience and using the inspirational theme of the U.S. Army as background music.  I like this commercial in particular because it appeals to all citizens.  From doctors to students, men to women, we are all American and can better the United States.  The commercial also highlights the American ideology that the greatest honor of all is to serve your country.  Overall, I feel that this commercial provides the perfect example for a rhetorical analysis.

Another idea of a commercial for which I could perform a rhetorical analysis would be the Geico “Hump Day Camel Commercial.”  This commercial shows ethos by again depicting everyday workers in business attire that the audience can relate to.  Pathos is perhaps the most obvious rhetorical device used, for, at the end of the commercial, the word “happy,” a word not usually connected to insurance, is literally stated.  Logos is shown through Geico’s use of their famous slogan that “15 minutes could save you 15% or more.”  Another rhetorical device displayed in the Camel commercial is that it appeals to the sense of humor of the audience, making the advertisement more memorable.  The commonplace in this commercial is that everyone, no matter what job you hold or your social class, needs insurance.  Lastly, the commercial plays on the ideology that buying insurance is boring by trying to convey a playful and even enjoyable mood.  The Geico “Hump Day Camel Commercial” provides yet another excellent example for a thorough rhetorical analysis.

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  1. I think that it would be really interesting to read an analysis of both of these commercials. The army one really taps into your inspiration and makes becoming a soldier seem really prosperous. As for the Geico one I would like to know how you interpret this campaign and how it would sell insurance.

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