Outline for Paper 1

Paper 1: Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement (United States Army Reserve “Where Can…” Commercial)


I.     Introduction

A.     A description of the commercial is given

B.     The rhetorical devices used are briefly described

C.     A famous or influential quote is given

II.     Logos

A.     Citizens can do what they love and serve at the same time

B.     Students can remain in the classroom

C.     The United States Army can teach life skills

III.     Ethos

A.     The commercial shows people of stature in the community

B.     The characters are relatable

C.     The narrator, Gary Sinese, holds influence

D.     The military uniform has symbolism

IV.     Pathos

A.     The commercial appeals to the American sense of patriotism

B.     Inspirational music is played in the background

C.     Graphic scenes of war are avoided

V.     Ideologies and Commonplaces

A.     The commercial appeals to all Americans

B.     The commercial tries to eliminate the negative connotation of a military force

C.     The greatest honor of all is to serve your country

IV.     Conclusion

A.     The thesis is restated

B.     This commercial is briefly compared to other types of persuasive ads

C.     The final implications of the commercial are discussed

2 thoughts on “Outline for Paper 1”

  1. Your outline presents a well thought-out rhetorical analysis of the commercial that covers a the requested analytical topics: ethos, logos, pathos, and commonplaces. My only reminder is that you make sure to have a strong thesis that is touched upon throughout the paper and is re-emphasized, as you indicated, in the conclusion.

  2. Seems like your outline is pretty full so you’ll have a lot to write in your paper. Make sure you’re specific in your points when you write. Good choice for a commercial there’s a lot to write about.

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