Maroon 5 Teams Up!

Although this blog is primarily geared towards current Maroon 5 fans, I also like to try and convert readers who may not have been familiar with the band.  This week, therefore, I would like to discuss a few collaborations Maroon 5 has had with other artists that you may listen to in order to further peak your interest .

The first song on today’s list is “If I Never See Your Face Again.”  This sassy duet features the vocal talents of famous pop singer Rihanna, who was only too glad to work with who she said were “one of [her] favorite bands” [1].  The song is one of Maroon 5’s classic dysfunctional relationship melodies and was the first collaboration the band took part in since Adam’s work with Kanye West on “Heard ‘Em Say.”  The video for “If I Never See Your Face Again,” which also features Rihanna, perfectly conveys the tension displayed in the song’s lyrics and makes for a great watch [1].

The next song is a relatively unknown Maroon 5 collaboration.  “Come Away to the Water” features Rozzi Crane, the first singer signed to Adam Levine’s record label, 222 Records.  Adam first discovered the music student from the University of Southern California when two of Rozzi’s classmates (Sam Farrar and Jacques Brautbar from the band Phantom Planet) showed the artist’s work to Adam’s manager [2].  “Come Away to the Water” is a song actually featured in the first movie of The Hunger Games franchise and is a rather chilling duet reflecting the ominous tone of the movie’s plot.  Hear it for yourself!

Last but definitely not least, however, is my favorite collaboration by Maroon 5: “Payphone” featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa.  I was lucky enough to see the artists perform this particular song together live, and I have to say it was phenomenal.  The song is, of course, about getting through a failed relationship, but it is perhaps better known for its theatrical video than its lyrics.  The video features Adam Levine as a bank employee on an average day of work.  Adam is trying to make some headway with a female coworker whom he obviously has a crush on when suddenly bank robbers (one played by guitarist James Valentine) storm the bank with guns.  Adam heroically disarms a robber, pulls his beloved from the bank, and proceeds to steal Wiz Khalifa’s car to run from the police who mistake him for the gunman [3].  Overall, the video truly has nothing to do with the song, which is perhaps why it has received so much attention.  However, for fans of the band, it is still fun to watch Adam portray an action hero in a very movie-like setting.  Does Adam successfully elude the police?  Does he get the girl in the end?  Watch the video and see for yourself!

Didn’t see an artist you like?  Then be sure to listen to “Out of Goodbyes” featuring Lady Antebellum, the Mark Ronson remix of “Wake Up Call” with Mary J. Blige, and/ or, of course, the extremely popular “Moves Like Jagger” featuring Christina Aguilera!