General Education Website Feedback (Copy of Comment)

This particular deliberation poll intrigued me greatly.  Similar to my deliberation group for English 015, the group shown here sees the positives for both Options 1 and 3 while completely disregarding Option 2.  However, unlike my group, this group ultimately decided that an exploration-based curriculum was the best course of action for General Education reform; in fact, the group did not see any need for reform at all.  Though I agree with the importance of exploration in a student’s college life to bolster individuality and create a diverse background of knowledge, I actually view skills as the more important focus of the two.  Although exploration classes create a more enjoyable college experience for students, I believe that skills-based classes provide greater payoff in the long-run by teaching students about communication and digital literacy- both key attributes which employers look for in potential workers.  Both exploration courses and skills courses provide well-rounded students, but, to me, skills courses make students more versatile in their own desired field of study and therefore show greater promise.  I completely agree with this group’s integration of both exploration and skills classes into a single curriculum.  However, I have taken the opposite approach in placing the importance of skills higher than that of exploration.  Overall, though, it is apparent that skills and exploration remain within the interest of students, while themes have fallen by the wayside in public opinion.

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