Fun Facts about Adam Levine!

For my last blog post of the semester, I thought it would be fun to share some of the interesting facts about Adam Levine which I have discovered throughout my band research.  Enjoy!

1.  After breaking his sternum during an intense workout, Adam turned to yoga for exercise and got hooked right away [1].  Now, Maroon 5 travels with its own personal instructor to unwind before going onstage [2].Adam Yoga

2.  Despite the massive amount of travelling the singer undergoes, his hatred of flying keeps him grounded as much as possible.  When travelling around the country, the band takes biodiesel-powered buses on tour [1].

3.  Adam loves golden retrievers!  His beloved Frankie Girl- for which he has a paw print tattooed on his right shoulder [3]- unfortunately passed away last year [4].  Recently, however, Adam introduced the world to his new puppy, Charlie [5].Charlie

4.  Despite his appearance in season 2 of American Horror Story, Adam hates the horror genre.  In an interview about his part in the television series, Adam expressed his fear saying “I’m never watching that show again!” [6]

5.  Adam was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2013 [7]!

Sexiest Man Alive

6.  Adam is moving into business and has already opened a clothing line with Kmart [8], released fragrances for both men and women [9], and even released his own designer music gear with First Act [10].

7.  Back when Maroon 5 was still Kara’s Flowers, Adam and the band guest starred on Beverly Hills 90210.  Adam was 15-years-old [2]!Kara's Flowers 2

8.  This one is one of my favorites.  When Adam was in Kara’s Flowers, he worked as a waiter at Johnny Rockets [1]!

9.  After struggling with acne during his childhood, Adam has become the new face of Proactiv Skin Care [11].

10.  Adam has known Jake Gyllenhaal since kindergarten [3]!  The two have remained close friends to this day [2].Jake and Adam at Globes

11.  Adam has struggled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder since his teenage years [2].  Now, he stars in a Public Service Announcement with the “Own It” campaign to raise awareness for the issue [12].

12.  Adam is ambidextrous.  He is predominantly left handed, but he plays his guitar with his right [2].Adam Guitar

13.  Adam actually used to be embarrassed to sing in public until his elementary school music teacher inspired him to perform [7].  He was so shy at his first gig that he played with his back turned to the audience [3]!

14.  222- for which Adam named his record label and has tattooed on his forearm- is the number on the door of Maroon 5’s very first studio to ever record in [3].222 tattoo

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog over the past several months, and I would like to thank you for all of the kind comments!  For fans of the band I will leave you with one last fact.  Maroon 5 has recently disclosed that they are in the works of creating a new album.  Though information is scarce, you can follow along on Twitter with #albuM5 to keep up to date!  Thank you again, and keep on listening!#albuM5



4 thoughts on “Fun Facts about Adam Levine!”

  1. WOAHHHHH! Great way to end the blogs! Its always funny to learn random facts about artists like this! Who knows, it may help with some random restaurant trivia at some point in my life! great blog to end it all with, a fun read as always!

  2. Wow! These are really cool facts Lindsey. I did not know about any of these. The one I found most interesting are numbers 1 and 2.

  3. False: Adam plays guitar with both of his hands, he just holds it in the right-handed way. Great blog post, I didn’t know any of this stuff about Adam Levine before, he seems like a pretty down to earth guy

  4. There are so many things in this post I didn’t know about Adam! I think my favorite is that he and Jake have been friends since kindergarten! I would have never even pictured those two together! Great blog post, it was very fun to read!

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