Work Plan for English 015 Group Project

English 015

Dr. Jessica O’Hara

21 April 2014

Work Plan for English 015 Group Project

Group Members:

Nabeel Ahmad

Connor Dougherty

Lindsey Rae Evans

Dylan Johnson

James Miller

Nathasha Ramirez


Advocacy Project:  Petals for People (A “Pay-It-Forward” Campaign)


Goal:  The goal is to encourage the Penn State community to participate in an “Act of Kindness Day.”  On this day, people can perform random acts of kindness for others to raise awareness for the power of positive actions.  To do this, we will instruct site followers on how to create paper flower designs with inspirational messages to hand out on the day of the event.


Audience:  Penn State students and faculty


Deadline:  May 2nd



Creating the Website- Dylan Johnson

Responding to Questions- James Miller

Inviting Others to Group- Nabeel Ahmad

Photography- Connor Dougherty

Writing Stories about Random Acts of Kindness- Everyone

Flower Design Rubric- Lindsey Evans

Media (Pictures and Videos) – Nathasha Ramirez


Editing Buddies:

Nathasha Ramirez and Lindsey Rae Evans

James Miller and Dylan Johnson

Connor Dougherty and Nabeel Ahmad



Layout of Facebook Group- April 25th

Flower Design- April 25th

All Posts- April 30th

Finish Editing- May 1st

Petals for People- May 2nd


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