Hello! I hope you’re ready to hear interesting stories, and I hope you don’t get spooked to easily. This is going to be a blog about all the crazy chemicals, foods, toxins, and poisons this world has to offer. After exploring this blog, you may think I have a fascination with death. You may be right. However, you might surprise yourself when you start talk about these stories to friends at dinner, only to remember that these stories are taboo. I want to get rid of that stigma that death is something that is scary, shouldn’t be talked about, and isn’t entertaining. While this blog isn’t about death itself, it is about all the crazy factors that can play a role in it. If you already know that you can’t stand the thought of this blog, I understand. But, if you are on the fence, or at least a little intrigued, stay put. I will do my best to introduce you to some of my favorite stories and facts, from the story of how radium was discovered to be dangerous (can you imagine?), to why you’ll never want to eat a green potato, and everything in between.

Here’s a quick look at what may be coming:

The story of radium, my favorite element

A story of memory foam, and plastic decay

Mushroom Toxins

The current story of antibiotics

And eventually, I’m sure, the story of the green potato!


Also, as an explanation of why this blog is called RaD:

Radium (Ra) is Radical. It just is. Soon, you will find out why!

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