The AIRO wristband


This new wristband produced by AIRO Health is considered the first of its kind according to the company. Not only does it monitor one’s stress level and heart rate, it actually able to track calorie intake, monitor sleep patterns, display work intensity,  and provide instruction for its user. It does that through a embedded spectrometer that reads the bodies vital signs. What is impressive about this wrist band is the fact that t uses light to read the type of food that is consumed by a the body. Abhilash Jayakumar, co-founder and CEO of Airo Heath, says: “As your body breaks the food down, the sensor can detect the amount of light that passes through the blood based on green, red and infrared patterns.” However, the sensor does not distinguish between specific types of foods such as: saturated fat and unsaturated fat or high fiber carbohydrates and high sugar carbohydrates. Jayakumar asserts:” “We might be able to see a difference in waveform, that would show you whether something is better or worse for the body.”  The AIRO wristband also uses heart rate detector to track  sleeping hours and patterns as well as stress levels.

maxresdefault        AIRO wristband is latest real-time health monitor

The product it self essentially provides useful data for consumers and may act as a companion for people who are trying to loose weight or just like to keep track of their nutrition and health habits. Nonetheless, AIRO claims that they have figured a way to keep track of calorie intake during the day. How accurate is the nutrition value provided if the wrist band cannot tell the exact type of food. In this part I am not sure if I want to trust the wristband. The CEO of AIR said that this application is still under experiment and that we might figure out a way to make the calorie intake calculator more accurate. I guess we will just have to wait and see when the product is released in 2014.



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