2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive



Mercedes Benz AMG’s new SLS electric drive 2014 is considered the first car of its kind. The car operates on strictly electric power generated from 12 batteries giving an outcome of 400 Volts, 60 KWH. Since the car has no engine, engineers at AMG had to locate the batteries that weigh 548 Kg low down where the transmission tunnel is supposed to be, giving the car a low center of gravity. Surprisingly, the new SLS electric drive is considered the most powerful Mercedes AMG ever created. It produces 740 hours powers , 552 KW, and 100 Nm of torque. All of that with zero CO2 omission. Jeremy Clarkson, the host of BBC’s TopGear says:’  I can’t think of anything other than perhaps the Veyron that has this tsunami-surge of torque.”


dataCTA_expanded_chart dataCTA_expanded_car  (Electric motor, Batteries)             Powertrain SLS AMG E-CELL


The design of the car is impressive yet something that The designers at AMG are known for. They maximized the power output of the car and increased its stability. Stability control was increased by specifying an individual motor for each wheel giving the wheels proper torque on sharp corners to help keep traction. Not to mention the break disks that are made of carbon fiber-strengthened ceramic the help control breaking responses and give the car a greater grip.



That being said, The 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive sounds like a dream came true. It has remarkable features in terms of carbon print, power, and performance. However, it is not practical at all. It has a range of 155 miles only. The batries need to be charged for twenty hours in order to restore full energy. Therefore, if you are leaving in a road trip you will need to stop for twenty hours every 155 miles.


Dan Phillips; Designing With Sustainability



Dan Phillips is an American builder and designer from Texas with a different approach to building homes. He is the founder of a nonprofit construction company called  Phoenix Commotion. One might ask what is so special about this construction company, however, after watching this video the reasons are obvious. Phoenix Commotion focuses on designing houses using recyclable materials and applying creative techniques in constructions. Dan Phillips asserts that, ” We can’t continue to live this way. We throw away and buy new rather than repair and re-use,” he adds. “We need to use renewable resources and use non-renewables carefully.” The main beneficiaries of this company are usually people with low income who cannot afford conventional houses such as people living on minimum wages. Therefore, Phoenix Commotion is considered to look at building houses from a humanitarian and environmental point of views. However, there is no conclusion of weather these environmentally friendly houses can be as reliable as conventional houses in terms of insulation and safety.

Moving to the designs, 70 to 80 percent of the material Phillips uses in building the houses are materials that have been recovered from other construction sites that are usually thrown away to waist or random materials that people throw away such as: Plywood, Mismatched bricks, Ceramic Tiles, Shattered mirrors, Bottle butts, Wine corks, Old DVDs, Bones, License plates, Crystal platters, and Cans. “A frame shop was getting rid of old samples, and I was there waiting,” said Dan Phillips. Phillips uses creative methods in utilizing the material that usually goes to waist. For example, to resolve designs, he uses discipline, orderly design,  and the concept of repetition to create pattern and unity. In his ted talk Phillips pointed out that people are used to patterns and if one maintains a certain pattern in any design it would not make a difference what material is used or what it looks like. Therefore, he tries to maintain a strong and fashionable design in every house he of his most admirable projects include:

– The Tree House:

Dan-Phillips-Turns-Trash-into-Recycled-Homes-2     Dan-Phillips-Turns-Trash-into-Recycled-Homes-3     Dan-Phillips-Turns-Trash-into-Recycled-Homes-1   Dan-Phillips-Turns-Trash-into-Recycled-Homes-5 Dan-Phillips-Turns-Trash-into-Recycled-Homes-7





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