Title: The Nu Era of Greek Life: Can We Make Fraternities Beta? How Should Frat Rho Be Delta With?

The deliberation will be going in depth and discussing the implications surrounding Greek life, particularly fraternities, here at Penn State as well as around the nation. We will be taking a three pronged approach, talking about them from the perspectives of the nation, university, and individual brother. In doing so, we hope to analyze and discuss all of the aspects of fraternities, both negative and positive, with hope that we’ll shine an accurate light on the issue as a whole.

My role is specifically to help contribute to research and deliberation for the second tier of our deliberation, which is fraternities from the university’s perspective. Of course, we’ll be discussing the steps Penn State has taken, will take, and should take to make steps toward progress in our Greek life’s reputation. I’ll also be examining the role of the more general university, looking at solutions which have been incorporated around the nation. I will also be contributing to the issue guide in whatever way I can to make this deliberation as effective and smooth as possible.