Happily Ever Afters

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This is Lizzy and Tizzy! One night their owner took them on a car ride with their mom (Izzy) and brother (Dizzy). They probably thought they were just going for a nice long, normal car ride, as that is something dogs like to do. Not knowing what was in store for them, their owner abandoned them on the side of the road. The owner parked the car and let all four dogs out. The owner then fired gunshots to scare the dogs to prevent them from running after his car. Being shocked by the loud noises the dogs ran into hiding. When the noises stopped and they came back out they realized that both the car and their owner were gone. Luckily, a stranger found the dogs on the side of the road and contacted one of the nearby rescue organizations. Izzy and Dizzy were found loving homes while Lizzy and Tizzy were transferred to Helen Woodward Animal Center. They had no injuries and were in very good shape. Lizzy and Tizzy charmed whoever came to visit and they were adopted very shortly after their arrival. They never have to worry about finding another home again. They have found their forever family.



This is Alfred! Alfred was apart of a huge litter of 13 puppies that needed help getting out of a shelter that was overburdened with too many puppies. These puppies were called the A litter because all 13 puppies had names starting with the letter “A”. The litter consisted of: Abbott, Armani, Aaron, Andes, Axel, Agnes, Akira, Adam, Alonso, Albert, Alvin, Andrew, and little Alfred. When they arrived to the new shelter the puppies were paired up and welcomed by their foster families. All was going well until the center got a concerning phone call from Alfred’s foster parents. They noticed that Alfred was limping on his right leg. They took him to the hospital and the vet discovered that Alfred’s elbow was swollen and he couldn’t fully extend one of his legs. His entire humerus was shattered and his leg bone appeared to be lytic. That means the bone was porous in nature because it was probably trying to heal, but couldn’t. The bone was not strong enough to go through surgery to fix the break so they decided to amputate it. The surgery went well but Alfred would still need to learn how to walk, move, play, and balance without that leg. He had to learn how to walk again even though he just learned how to do that for the first time not too long ago. After he recovered it didn’t take this sweet pup long to find his forever family. You can be the one to give a dog a happily ever after. Every dog deserves a loving family because they really do love you no matter what.

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