Sep 12

Civically Engaged at Penn State

There are so many civically engaging things around Penn State.  I am practically overwhelmed by all of the civic engagement opportunities at this university. Everywhere I go there is some kind of flyer advertising either a club or even a blood drive. All of the advertisements are rhetorically designed to appeal to all of my inner feeling such as ethos, pathos, and logos. All of the clubs/activities do an excellent job of advertising their reasons to join because I have become so interested in joining so many clubs. Never before have I been presented so many opportunities to become civically engaged in my community.  I was encouraged to join a THON community and raise money for the kids and the appeal to emotion encouraged me to join Atlas so that I can participate in the civic engagement in the community of Penn State.  Even in the classrooms there are always signs posted to inform us about clubs to join and many other activities to participate. I always see posters varying from joining the judo club to attending bartending lessons. To be honest these rhetorical messages are very engaging because of the pictures and descriptions the creators put on the posters. Overall I can definitely say that Penn State has made me more civically engaged then I have ever been.

Sep 12

Speech Reflection

I feel like I could have done much better on my speech.  When I first got up to start my presentation I became nervous because I was afraid I would not be able to get the power point on the screen.  So during my speech I ended up forgetting to mention all the rhetoric devices I had in my mind for the lyrics, instead of just interpreting them. I feel like if I had my original plan more stuck in my head I would have been able to provide a good rhetorical analysis of each line that I presented. It has been a while since I last gave a speech and I was definitely not ready for this. If we were able to make a practice speech, which was not graded before this, then I feel like I would have understood what I actually had to do.  Also, after hearing other peoples speeches I began to understand more of what I should have focused on. I could have used examples from the textbook to make my speech more impactful. I feel like my introduction was successful by playing the song and having pictures.  The power point was also very helpful for me because I was able to save time by having the lyrics on the screen.  I also felt comfortable standing in front of the group of people it was just the incident with the technology that threw me off.

Sep 12

Do the Right Thing

The film Do the Right Thing does supply me with examples of how to do the right thing by showing mistakes that people have made. The point was that to fight racism you should not use violence, you need to be peaceful and try and send out a strong message. If you use violence your point will never be reached out to your audience.  It relates to making any type of argument. In the long run it is more successful to have a strong rhetorical speech rather than creating all sorts of mayhem. At first it seems like Sal’s pizzeria is a strong community although they fight with each other they are all family and do love each other.  Mookie also has a very strong bond with his community. He is known as the popular one and is very influential to them.  Near the end he provokes the riot when he throws the garbage can into the window. That’s when his loyalty shifted away from the pizza shop. When people resort to violence they will never fully understand each other. Food shops are always trying to make a good business. Chikfila didn’t want a lot of people protesting outside because they thought less people would come eat because of the protesters.  Sals pizzeria was similar, Sal did not want Radio Rahem inside with his radio because he would scare away all the customers. The song Fight the Power was really the most important song because it showed how the community wanted to fight against racism, although the example was just a little pizza shop. The pizza shop represented a bigger example of racism. It ended up leading to the police officer killing radio rahem, which was most likely, a racist act.

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