Civically Engaged at Penn State

There are so many civically engaging things around Penn State.  I am practically overwhelmed by all of the civic engagement opportunities at this university. Everywhere I go there is some kind of flyer advertising either a club or even a blood drive. All of the advertisements are rhetorically designed to appeal to all of my inner feeling such as ethos, pathos, and logos. All of the clubs/activities do an excellent job of advertising their reasons to join because I have become so interested in joining so many clubs. Never before have I been presented so many opportunities to become civically engaged in my community.  I was encouraged to join a THON community and raise money for the kids and the appeal to emotion encouraged me to join Atlas so that I can participate in the civic engagement in the community of Penn State.  Even in the classrooms there are always signs posted to inform us about clubs to join and many other activities to participate. I always see posters varying from joining the judo club to attending bartending lessons. To be honest these rhetorical messages are very engaging because of the pictures and descriptions the creators put on the posters. Overall I can definitely say that Penn State has made me more civically engaged then I have ever been.

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  1. John,

    You have good examples of how rhetoric has shaped your everyday life. Just make sure you substantiate your claims with rhetorical devices like ethos, pathos, logos, and commonplaces.

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