Going into my TED talk I was quite nervous because I didn’t have my introduction as solid as I wanted it to be. Next time I will make sure to know what I am going to say for my introduction so I can start off with my confidence high. I feel like my introduction might have been one of my weakest points. My strongest point was probably the information and content of my presentation. I was able to find really interesting statistics that made my presentation more interesting. I could have worked on the way I presented the statistics but overall I was able to get my point out. The way I organized my slides was also okay, while making the powerpoint I wasn’t too sure which slides should go where. I enjoyed listening to other people’s presentations, there were so many interesting points that people made me think of.

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  1. A good lesson about the impact of context and how we don’t need to have something verbally explained. So much can be achieved without language–and you save a lot of time!

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