Workaholics Visual Aid

Workaholics is a comedy show starring three friends that all work in the same cubicle and is featured on comedy central. While I was watching an episode I realized the cubicle that they work in is a very good visual story because of the way each character decorates their section of the cubicle. For example, if you look at Adam’s side of the cubicle you would be able to tell that he is very conceited and selfish.  On every episode he has pictures of himself flexing on his wall and he even brought a dumbbell and protein powder into his cubicle. You can tell that he is into sports because he also has a basketball on his desk. The next character, Blake, is also defined by his section of the cubicle. The toys scattered around his section show how he is childish. The funny posters and drawings define him as someone who would act as a child and not take work as serious as other people. Even the way he is dressed defines his personality. Unlike the other characters his shirt is un-tucked and he is wearing a silly tie. The last character, Anders, has a very organized workstation. He is the only one that doesn’t have posters or pictures hung up on his wall. His tie is tied tightly and he looks like he is ready for work. By looking at his section it is easy to tell that he is the only one that actually takes work seriously and is the responsible character. All of these visuals help define the characters personalities and develop the story. I have learned that even the subliminal images in the background of a scene can influence the story telling.


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    Workaholics Visual Aid | John Manfredonia’s RCL Blog

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    Workaholics Visual Aid | John Manfredonia’s RCL Blog

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